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On this page, you can find a wide selection of protected 18650 lithium. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

protected 18650 lithium Customers Reviews

  • Reasonable battery

    posted by EdAus

    Feels solid. Great provided the device you put these into doesn't get too hot.Capacity must be pretty high as I on my smaller model LED torches i haven't yet replaced a battery when out evening fishing.
    I suspect the protective circuits died as a result of the heat. Not sure whether RMA covers these batteries for failure from heat from other DX products such at LED torches.
    Price is good until they die.Then I think that thats $12 gone just like that.
  • engineer

    posted by salamiya1

    Good battery capacity
    Compliance with the size of
    Good build quality
    There is a fee protection
    good packing
    High-quality assembly
    Good battery, but the price could be lower. Capacity is almost the same face value. Built-in protection - it's good for the battery. Ideal for large lamps. Can give a high current. The box for the batteries - excellent. You can carry in your pocket with keys.
    I recommend to buy. Good product. Money well spent.
  • manager

    posted by redsquare

    Excellent battery! Quite a large capacity, availability of protection.Fast charging, long operating time (with my flashlight) about 6 hours continuously!
    Overall I am very pleased with this purchase, the quality is very high, work long and recharged quickly! I recommend anyone who still doubts it is a great choice for super bright lamp or device with low power consumption
  • WOW so cheap

    posted by Ranged

    Protected for safety,
    They are close to the true ratings of 2400mAh
    The pcb does a great job.
    They are the less costly 18650 i have seen and they work great in my flashlight.
    I wish, i would have buyed ten of these.
    They fit the orange/transparent case from DX.
    They does not heat at all when they get charged.
    My multimeter test them at 4.19 / 4.20 volts.
    These fit nice my charger. no problems.
    1$ less than the 2500 mAh blue battery.
    100mAh is not much so get these.
  • Love it when they tell the truth

    posted by Masako

    Look, act, and feel like high quality batteries.I've had no trouble with those I bought, and they seem comparable to the best brands, though I haven't compared to aw.The price is pretty darn incredible considering what you get.
    Jeez, folks, what does it say when the battery's own manufacturer basically admits they fudge the description of everything else they sell?"This time we really mean it."Why not just give all these batteries honest ratings and say they all are true?
    Good batteries. Keep up the truth in advertising!


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