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  • Nice

    posted by ctraney

    These are nice batteries. They are 18650 batteries. They have circuit protection on them. They are cheap! I have bought these a couple of times
    buy them if you need 18650 protected batteries. just be aware protected batteries are a bit longer than unprotected.
    good deal.I'm not sure what else to write. I just need 500 words! I'm not sure what else to write. I just need 500 words! I'm not sure what else to write. I just need 500 words! I'm not sure what else to write. I just need 500 words! I'm not sure what else to write. I just need 500 words!
  • The best 3000mAh 18650

    posted by Shutterlag

    Excellent power output.Excellent burn time.Seem to be the claimed capacity.Look and feel the part.
    Run longer than any other battery I have tried.Give out more light than any other battery I have tried.Get a fast charger.
    They cost a bit more than other brands, but easily outperform the others, especially Ultrafire.Take about eight hours to charge when totally run down.
  • Impressed

    posted by abc123abc

    PCB works very well. Batteries hold a charge very well. Capacity seems at least 2000. I can't test them precisely, but I ran them at 60mA for about 6 hours and they were still running so they pump out at 400mA. Sounds pathetic, but batteries usually only run down to about 60%. Subtract mfg overestimate of a minimum of 10% and you should get about >1200mA+ out of this battery. The reality is that non-premium batteries give you 50% of that value.
    So far this battery is worth it. The mAh seems good. If anyone can test these precisely, but your numbers. Thanks
  • Very good

    posted by speedy9

    - their capacity is probably close to the rated.
    - very low self discharge over time
    - protection circuit
    They are a bit longer then standard not protected cells so may not fit the devices where battery length is critical.
    I bought them to my flashlight (SKU 16179) and they are working great so far (around 11 months already). I use it on irregular basis but never found it not working even after a month staying in the drawer.
    It's a great deal! Do not buy other cells. They are just great!
  • Excellent

    posted by killert68i

    Build quality is very good. High capacity (my flashlight get some extra 20-30 minutes more of runtime after Trustfire 2400mAh at High mode):
    SKU.20392 + SKU.6190 + Cree R5 = at High runs 2 hours (+- 5 min)
    Shoshine 18650 2800mA + SKU.6190 + Cree R5 = at High runs 2 hours and 25 min (+- 5 min)
    Much more expensive than equal batteries with less capacity. But it gives You some 20-30 of extra light :)
    Plastic case very useful for storage. Recommended for those who want get best results avoiding high prices for branded one

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