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  • Bright, but...

    posted by kekelala

    Strong and sturdy casing. Adjustable axises (z and y) to point the light on specific place when mounted.Hand warm after 2 hours of use.
    Not a bad buy for this price and free shipping....
    Not a bad buy for small project. Cannot use one of these items to lit up the entire field or room... focused on an area where you can work on your desktop project, perhaps...
  • Ok for garage if several units are used

    posted by nonewanted

    - value for price
    - light color
    - does not get hot
    Using 3-4 of these would give a nice lighting for the hobby garage; as a single unit its light power is not high enough to work as a replacement for a 100Watt halogen flood light
    LED technique is coming along, slowly. LED currently cannot fully replace other lighting techniques, but it serves well when low power consumption is required and "bright light" is not the only criteria
  • Quite nice

    posted by mjylha

    -Bright for a 3-watt unit-Very good build quality and material
    I can confirm that this works with AC as well. I have two of those hooked up in series with some old christmas light transformer, which is 24v AC. Tighten the threads before installing. Color of the light is something between tungsten and daylight, suits very well in the garden.
    Very nice product for a reasonable price. If you want to light up your garden, this would be the most exellent choise, especially if you have some transformers around, like I did.
  • Worth the price

    posted by ecopyre

    - Good luminous flux.- Good color distribution.- Strong shell.- Good quality silicone seals in the shell (hot glue at the junction of the wire)
    The problems presented girded themselves to the power cord of equipment.I had to open the driver clamshell and replace the power cord from the base because it was broken. By the way, the yellow wire is the ground / earth (it comes with no indications at all).The luminous flux is very good and the beam color is beautiful. The seals are of good quality and the equipment appears to be weatherproof.The angle of the beam is wide open, which makes it possible to illuminate a large area (if well-positioned more than an incandescent lamp 100w for example).
    Could be available in white and black.The delivery of China-Brazil only took about 20 days. Overall, worth the price. I'm pleased.
  • light

    posted by dixon90

    Looks pretty decent, nice small light with high light output. The color is actually not bad to look at. Usually warm white LED's a far from being incandescent warm, but this light does the job.
    Not sure about water-tightness, but it has silicon seals all round. It might stand-up to rain showers.
    It's not cheap, it's not expensive either..
    If you are looking for a bright, nicely colored, usable flood light, this is the one to get.

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