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professional watch repair kit

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professional watch repair kit Customers Reviews

  • Must have "el cheapo watch repair set"

    posted by mtoashirbab

    A complete set of handy watch repair tools. The materials are not the best that there are but this is the reason that it is so cheap. I have done all kinds of watch repair things for friends and family and I cant' complain about the quality of this set.
    Maybe a nicer package. The plastic holder in which the set comes is very basic and does not serve as a proper storage place.
    Very handy and useful set. You will find all the tool that you need, to do some basic watch repairs.
  • Excellent entry level kit

    posted by 1234armitt

    This kit contains a selection of general purpose tools for watch band repair and battery change. It is not intended for repairing mechanical watches with their springs and cogs but is aimed at changing watch bands, shortening and repairing watch bands as well as removing watch back plates to replace batteries.
    It would be a nice extra to include a link to a site covering the main points for novice users to get the most from the kit.
    Overall a good package and worth the money - the items if bought separately would cost quite a bit more. Good enough for occasional use but not recommended for daily professional use.
  • Good for amateur use

    posted by inakim

    scoring from 1 to 10- 1 * Watch case opener knife -- 1 was broken in the box- 1 * Watch case opener - 6 - 1 * 3 pins punch tools - 7 work ok- 1 * Plier - 5 - 1 * Plastic base - 6 - 1 * Steel hammer - 6- 1 * Link remover tool - 9 - 1 * Steel tweezers - 8 - 1 * Spring bar tool (62 mm& 82mm) - 6- 3 * PNP Screwdrivers - 6- 3 * PNP mini spring bar tool - 6- 1 * Small screwdriver - 4- 1 * Small plastic kit case with replacement tips - 6- 1 * Eye loupe -5 bad black plastic- 1 * Band holder - 6- 1 * Cleaning cloth - 6- Come with tool kit carrying box - 4
    Good for amateur use
  • Does what it should very good!

    posted by AnteBellum

    very easy to use, and seems quite quality made, and price is very good. works like a charm! The little hammer was very good quality, all the tools are useful for those that like to adjust the watches on their own. Kit is very complete.
    i can only recommend a buy if you need it works very well! Just to adjust the belt, not for disassembly the watch.
    buy it! good price and nice quality products.
  • Watch kit repair

    posted by Varmland

    Nice set with many tools. Worked perfect to open wristwatch and change battery. Comes in a sturdy cardboardabox.Everything you need for working with wristwatches. Even magnifier (for one) eye.I can recommend SKU2823 LED Headlamp with 5-set Magnifier Glasses, which makes it much easier to wokr with all small items.
    As usual good product for good price from Deal Extreme.
    Perfect for minor work with wristwatches. Open the backlid of the wristwatch was easy.Good quality for such price.

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