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professional stereo microphone

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professional stereo microphone Customers Reviews

  • Best Bang-for-your-Buck DSLR Microphone!

    posted by TiagoMazzon

    - sturdy design- resistant- high quality sound recording- easy to attach to the camera- easy to use it, choosing the 90° or 120° modes (90° picks up sounds from the front of the mic. 120° picks up sounds from the front and around it. The 90° is good for filtering noise, which may disturb the footage)- the shock mount is very effective to reducing equipment noise- uses convenient 2xAA batteries, which can be rechargeable or not- relatively lightweight to its size. Can be adapted to a shoulder rig quickly.
    This mic gives a very professional look to your camera, being it a camcorder or a DSLR. It's really cool design. Along with it's properties, it's a MUST HAVE.
    If you need a good external microphone but don't afford to buy an expensive one from other well-known companies, you will be very pleased by acquiring this one. It's good and much cheaper. Go for it!
  • Usefull microphone for beginner DSLR filmers

    posted by wiersma

    Very easy to use, and the sound is good enough for beginner video's. Low price for a microphone like this. Its at least better sound quality than the intern microphone of the camera.
    It does what it has to do. A good regular microhpone for beginner DSLR Filmers but the quality can better. The price is also very low!
    It awesome for beginners but nog for people who wants realy good quality sound
  • high quality, low volume

    posted by Prototype666

    VERY good sound quality for the moneystandard screw mount (fits most tripods etc)it is actually directional, very strong left/right separation
    plastic casing, but not the flimsy kindbattery powered. pro: it improves the sound quality a lot if this is actually a true condenser microphone. con: you need to change batteries once in a while.the low volume can be fixed in editing if you don't use it for live streaming or voip.
    it's great, but onlyif you can live with low volume or have / want to buy hardware that can handle the low output level.
  • Excellent Product

    posted by snowman1962

    This is a great microphone. It performs as well as a comparable $350 mic. We used this mic with a flash mount on at pole and it turned into a decent boom mic. The mic was used to film a couple short movies for high school projects and when pointed away from a nearby roadway all the road sound was dropped. Have not used it in 120 degree mode yet or indoors but it should perform well
    It cam with extra support bands. Probably wont need them for a while but you can stuff them in the battery bay.
    For home use it is the best mic for the price. It also can be used with a stereo audio recorder and cable to make a decent boom mic

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