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  • perfect lens cover for gopro hero 3+

    posted by radzkal

    for the price paid and the covers received (2), i'd say it's worth paying for this. the cover for the external waterproof casing snaps on perfectly for gopro hero 3+. it is also easy to take it off and dont have to worry about damaging the cover. the rounded cover for the lens without the casing fits on nicely as well. not loose and snaps just right. easy to apply, easy to take off. also, definitely cheaper than those original items. need say more?
    the only crime is tt gopro should include this with every device they sell. :P
    if you are a gopro hero 3+ owner, get this. u wont regret it. especially if u are very anal about getting scratches on ur lens be it on the device or the casing.
  • Cheap way to get a spare gopro housing

    posted by Pontyslapper

    From the outset the quality looks on a par with the genuine gopro housing.Its fully watertight and trustworthy - popped it in a bathful of water for 10 minutes just to check it was watertight - IT WAS!Different hinge to the genuine article on top but a hell of a lot easier to use single handed!
    Looks genuine from a distance - even close up - you have to sit and examine it side by side to notice the small differences apart from the hinge.At first glance I honestly thought it was made in the same factory os the gopro housing, I'm still not convinced its not!
    At this price, why not have a spare housing 'in stock' in case you crack or damage the one you use.I may very well set this up with the floaty back so that rather than have to mess around removing and refitting backs, I can just open it up pop the gopro in and away to go.Or it may get mounted on my Land rover so its always ready for action when I fancy taking some crazy footage.
  • Decent

    posted by draggosh

    The gloves keep you warm. Tested during rain, it's kinda waterproof. It looks a little bit chunky but it gets the job done. Dunno if suitable for below zero Celsium. Good grip on handles. The velcro system works as it's supposed to work.
    Good value for money. If you're looking for a cheap pair of autumn-winter gloves, this product is what you're looking for
  • Cheaper and Useful

    posted by GaArHen

    This is a must have accessory for GoPro users that want a better sound quality or use cables during the record. With the open sided case you can record with an external power source, what is amazing, because the battery die very fast. As a DJ, its perfect for me to record sets that needs 2+ hours of record, and this is only possible (without interruptions) with an external power source.
    A must be for GoPro users
    Perfect product, specially for the price. An original one costs about 3x more.

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