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  • Good enough for regular hdslr video stuff

    posted by etikka

    - Quite easy to use
    - sound quality is good enough for regular family videos etc.
    It does what it promises. A good regular mic for cameras. Obviously it won't satisfy any high end hifi folks, but that isn't the purpose for the mic anyways. I'm happy with it and used it i.e. to film my daughters birth.
  • Very good mouse

    posted by habathehut

    Good build quality. Good specs. Presice. It has a clever function of "sleep mode" or something that if you not use it it turns itself off. When you begin to move it and click it turns itself on again.
    I usually have bought logitech mouse. this one is better but has some compromizes. its middleweight which means that its easy to push around however i prefer that they put some weight in it. its bigger than the smallest mouses but smaller than a "fullsized mouse".
    Good buy (will buy one more as i write this :)) but know your needs before you go for this one. The sleepmode will save you money and hazzle by changing batterries fewer times
  • Decent for price

    posted by criffider

    Small and compact, all the main items in a usual make-up brush kit. Nice color to both the brushes and the handle. Made of plastic and the brush is a synthetic fiber. The brushes are pretty soft. Decent quality for the price. Really good for if you want something to just throw in your purse to take on the go.
    Overall, good for the price and for something on the go or for traveling.
    Good if this is what you are looking for.
  • Good product but not completely waterproof

    posted by mjmay

    Quite powerful and excellent for cleaning dirt, grease and fuel off kart parts like chains, bolts and carburettor pieces.
    Just bought my second one after the last stopped. Much better than the larger Jaycar model I bought while a tenth the price.
  • They went rusty

    posted by legendofpedro

    Serrated grip matches up well.Handles are comfortable and seem fairly durable.Spring is nice and strong.Jaws move smoothly without requiring any lubrication.
    The jaws are ground to an oblique angle at the end, rather than a point. You won't be stabbing yourself with these, but this may not be what you want.They're quite small; the handles are 70mm long and 70mm apart at their widest.The jaws are 40mm long (the bent section is 14mm long). The bend angle is approximately 45*.
    Would be a good deal considering the price if they hadn't rusted. The machining is good, but the material is bad.I have given them a light coating of oil which should improve them slightly.

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