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  • Cheap Prototype boards

    posted by lacmello

    Fair priced single-side bakelite boards. Can be used for building a prototype or even a final project, when you don't want to deal with the hassle of making a dedicated printed circuit board. Having the silk screen with markings on top helps a lot when running wires.
    That's pretty much all about it. I really can't think of much to add here.
    get it, it's cheap, it's usefull.
  • Excellent Breadboards for prototyping

    posted by lacmello

    Fair price and good build quality. I like the single line of connectors at each side of the board, it takes less space than other boards with double lines. Use red and black markers and you have the power lines correctly identified.
    I bought three packs and put all over a piece of wood. Now I have enough breadboard space to work on many projects in parallel. I'll attach a picture.
    Breadboards are a requirement for anyone dealing with projects, professional or hobbyist and these are really good. I'll definitely buy more as needed.
  • very cheap, goog quality

    posted by OscarUY

    good quality, has standard holes and the size is fine so you don´t need to be trimming around. if you need to paste a project from protoboard to some fixed place these are very good choice.
    At the end the size seems to cover my necessities well. so there are no problems. it is a good product at good price.
    good quality, has standard holes and the size is fine so you don´t need to be trimming around.
  • Great product

    posted by Yoruk1672

    Good quality and low price. The copper quality is good, easy to sold. There are line numbers on the copper side and white lines on the top. You can of course cut them in two or more if you need smaller circuits. Good strength, also.
    N/A. It's a very basic product.
    Buy this product if you do a lot of DIY ! I often need this kind of circuits. Thanks DX for selling this kind of products ! You can also find similar products.
  • Highly useful

    posted by edorfaus

    These boards make it easy to modularize hobby/prototype circuits, use the standard 2.54mm pitch, are a good size (perfect for one chip plus a few surrounding components), can be attached to each other so that the project stays in one piece, and are cheap.
    I bought three of these packs, and am glad I did - I've used two of them (10 boards) so far in my latest hobby project, and being able to build modules that I can easily swap in and out have helped a great deal, both because it's easier to work with one module at a time, and because I've needed to replace one function with another while the rest of the circuit stayed the same.
    If you have any use for this kind of board, I would recommend these.

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