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printed circuit board

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printed circuit board Customers Reviews

  • Work just fine

    posted by tylernt

    Standard prototyping perfboard. They do not have "breadboard" style strips though, just individual holes (adjacent holes can be bridged with extra solder).These are the cheapest I was able to find on DX.
    I wonder what the Chinese characters printed on them mean?You can cut these up with a Dremel if you need them even smaller. Wear eye protection and be prepared for more phenolic stink though.
    Great for one-off projects, prototyping, etc.
  • Perfect breadboard for small projects.

    posted by Veticus

    This breadboard is perfect for quick projects. Especially if you'd like to put it on standby and work on it later.The board is big enough for most "basic" arduino projects and other small to medium sized projects.It is small anough to fit into even the most crowded drawer or even your pockets.The materials used are great. The plastic is neither to soft nor to hard, and the contacts do not seem to corrode to much.The pins also hold components very well, without being to tight.
    This board is like it's made for arduino nano and mini. The size is perfect just perfect.The backside comes with double-stick tape, which is handy for mounting it on a wall or to a board with bigger projects.I used the tape to mount the breadboard in an electronics cabinet, where it now holds an arduino nano which controlls a small single-room aircondition.
    First of all, the board is absolutely cheap.One would expect the board to be of questionable quality. But it's not.Actually the board is of better quality than most of the boards out there.
  • Good product

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    This product is relatively cheap, works great, and is adorable. Perfect for those small projects centered around a single chip. Also has a nice glue pad in the bottom side. Quality is very good.
    Well, there isn't much els to say. It's just what it says on the description, and it works good. I don't know how fast will it oxidate, but i hope it's not soon. It looking like it's going to last for a while.
    If you are interested in this product, it's good, buy it. Other colors are available in DX as well, take a look at those.
  • Cheap Prototype boards

    posted by lacmello

    Fair priced single-side bakelite boards. Can be used for building a prototype or even a final project, when you don't want to deal with the hassle of making a dedicated printed circuit board. Having the silk screen with markings on top helps a lot when running wires.
    That's pretty much all about it. I really can't think of much to add here.
    get it, it's cheap, it's usefull.
  • Excellent Breadboards for prototyping

    posted by lacmello

    Fair price and good build quality. I like the single line of connectors at each side of the board, it takes less space than other boards with double lines. Use red and black markers and you have the power lines correctly identified.
    I bought three packs and put all over a piece of wood. Now I have enough breadboard space to work on many projects in parallel. I'll attach a picture.
    Breadboards are a requirement for anyone dealing with projects, professional or hobbyist and these are really good. I'll definitely buy more as needed.


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