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  • Decent, for the price.

    posted by sshivpatel

    -Bright Light-Far Range, could go on for over 500 yards while still visible-Comes with necessary tools and both mounts for pistol or rifle -Both Button switch and pressure switch for pistol grip is included -Simple to use-Battery included-improves acurracy -Long Battery Life, Special type of Battery
    This is an excellent product, it is ready to go out of the box
    This is an excellent product, it is ready to go out of the box and with some Assembly, with everything need included you will be ready in no time. Battery looks like it will last long, but they are hard to find in US. Recommend it to everyone looking for anyone looking for a good ol laser for thier pistol to improve accuracy.
  • Nice product!!!

    posted by Enxak

    Low price for the type of product. Isn't necessary much space to store and is very easy to install and use it!
    The product is ok. However is necessary a bag or box or something like that to store this item because, the exterior is quite fragile.
    I recommend this product however, I recommend carefull to use it day by day, This product is made for almost in plastic and the exterior of rope is not well protected! So, thats it all...
  • A great product

    posted by halenstein

    Easy to install on the flashlight
    Seems durable.
    To install the device is easy. Just un screw the light end and screw in the device to the back. I wish this had a steady on so you wouldn't have to hold the thing down for a long time. It seems sturdy but I truly wouldn't use this in Iraq! Obviously. This is mean for light use. I'm not even sure if it's waterproof. The one thing I really liked about this model was the coiled cord. Some people use a straight cord or a very short cord. Surefire has a model that has a very short cord. But with this, you can stretch it to wherever you need it. Likewise, I really wish there was an attachment device for this too. If you think you may want it, buy it!
  • It works

    posted by neilf1999

    Well, it is much cheaper than comparable switches. It is only a momentary switch, so it may cause problems when used with lights with multiple modes. Seems to be reasonably well made. I used it for parts, so I didn't try to fit it to a particular flashlight.
    None noted.
    Cheap. If you can find a flashlight that it fits, so much the better for you.
  • I'm wondering how long it gonna last...

    posted by cmartins1963

    Nice construction but not too good quality material.It generates some good pressure. I bought it to use with my vintage motorcycle. It's a nice aquisition to oil a motorcycle chain.
    It works fine with dense fluids, but not too dense.The trigger looks like it gonna fall apart.
    It's a nice oiler for the price... but don't expect too much. Poor quality built and material.I wouldn't recommend. There are much better oilers around there.

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