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precision screwdriver set

Every single precision screwdriver set displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

precision screwdriver set Customers Reviews

  • Usefull tool

    posted by Tsoxos

    -magnetic tips-easy to install/replace tips-compact (tips stored inside)-Fair price
    It would be even better (for me at least), if it had more flat tips. It would also be even better if the magnet was stronger
    Very usefull tool. Can be very handy using it for laptops or watches. It can be carried easily, as it's shape and size are proper to even carry in a pocket
  • Good quality set, good selection

    posted by vagservice

    Excellent selection of bits. The metal bit holder extension is useful to get in some tight locations, as you may know if you've bought sets without it and you needed to get the bit in a blind hole. The quality of the bits is impressive - these aren't about to get chewed up too easily. And the flip-up bit plastic bit holders are actually quite nice - largely due to the way that the bits are fitted into a hole instead of pushing sideways into a slot. I've got a set from DX that doesn't have this feature and it is a pain
    I like it. Despite what I wrote about the extension under cons I'd actually prefer to have it this way than without the extension at all. It's really useful. And as I said the quality of the bits is quite good.
  • Good kit!

    posted by temporary1

    Nice little kit. Box closes well. Got it just for the extension bit (*see below). The extension bit slides into the holder allowing it to be adjusted in length.
    I needed this because i was sick of trying to use tiny jewelers drivers with no grip, and also needing to get to tiny screws that couldnt be reached by short drivers. This solves that.
    Handle is 1/2 inch thick with plenty of grip and torque. Red bit swivels on top for precision work.
    Handle is 4.5" long and the extension effectively adds another 1 to 4-4.5"
    *Note: the size of the ext bit is a 4mm hex, not the same as any usual quick change bits, so you cant use it with any of your old kits (which is what i was hoping).
    But, it does its job, so if you need it go for it.
  • Decent CRV Screwdrver Set

    posted by vvshah

    This is a good quality screwdriver set. 8 twin headed bits gives you 16 tips. The screwdriver generally has a nice feel to it. The tips can be inserted at three different depths.
    To insert a bit, you push down the knurled chuck towards the blue handle and then slide in the bit. Took me acouple of minutes to figure that out!I wish there were more flat and star head sizes, the number of TORX heads is overkill.
    Overall, a well made set. But let down by the poor quality case.
  • Very satisfied

    posted by BragaD

    Simple, useful and with more pieces than the average;Considering the usefulness and the number of pieces the price is excellent, afterall, that was one of the reasons I chose to buy this one.The quality is amazing, the screwdriver itself is very solid, and the pieces are pretty strong, and attach perfectly, and the case that it comes in is pretty nice and easy to keep things organized.
    None right now.
    Great, would buy again and give as a gift to anyone that uses tools in a regular basis.

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