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precision screw drivers toolkit

If you want to purchase precision screw drivers toolkit, this is your best place to buy it. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

precision screw drivers toolkit Customers Reviews

  • Good kit

    posted by merlismi

    - The quality of whole kit is better than expected.- The accuracy of screwdrivers is better than expected.- Compact and handy.- Strong magnetic handle is comfortable enough.- There are all necessary screwdrivers ...and even several rare, that I have never seen before.- The box is simple and cheap. Good enough for the price.
    Good kit for the price.
    Everything works great. It's exactly what I need. I can't find such kit for same price in local stores.
  • Good quality, little bit expensive

    posted by PhR0ZeN

    1. The quality of this product is very very high. It looks like a high end product and it is very easy to work with.The metall that the screwheads are made of is very hard and strong, which makes it very durable.2. 31 set comes very handy if you are working with computer and electronics
    I dont have so much to complain about. Its a really nice product and you will certainly become satisfied.
  • Great buy

    posted by moock

    - Extremely cheap, I would have to pay $20 for a set like this in store.- Good grip on the screwdriver, easy to hold and turn.- Bits appear to be of acceptable quality, I have used the T5 and it fit like a glove.
    - Took 3 weeks from payment to receiving the product in western Canada.- Very useful for the disassembly of electronics.- I purchased this to replace the screen on a blackberry.
    Great tool for the price.
  • Amazing quality, both of bits and case

    posted by dirtyBlueJeans

    I was very apprehensive about this product, since most of the small-tipped drives I've bought off ebay have been pathetic (break, rust, don't fit etc). However, I was AMAZED at this buy - probably one of the best things I've bought from DX - and I buy a lot.Some of the bits came in rattling in the box, something I now accept as inevitable. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I fit them back in, they fit very well.Each row of bits in fit in small plastic 'holders', and each row of holders swivles upwards for easy access. Very nice touch.The build quality of the handle is very good, with a 'rubberised' feel. It has a free-rotating top, so you can press it with a finger for single-hand operations.The extension options is VERY handy (and which is why I picked this item as opposed to another similar one with tweezers). The inside is magnetized to hold the bit. The handle, however, holds the bit using a tightening screw.
    The case is also built very well, with a double-joint so the box opens upwards and back. If it wasn't for the sticker which has chinese text on it, one would never imagine it's a cheap(almost) made-in-china thing.I used it to open my Nokia E71 to clean some dust which had got in on the inside of the screen, and the bit fit snugly. Next in line is some old hard disks I have lying around :)Has a triwing also, which I think will open the Wii (yet to try that out tho).
    Great product. You will not regret buying this! Must have for DIY.
  • This has to be my tool, not my kill the screw gadget

    posted by arderk

    Good box that really holds the bats set. Screw handle is good. tweezers inside does not make sense as a tool but they may be a useful backup. And the total assortment of the bats fits almost all possible use cases
    I will use the case and the screw handle. They are perfect!! Tweezers will be replaced. Bats will be used as a projectile for upcoming coil gun project.
    be careful if you really aim to have all in one screw tool.

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