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  • Tool Set Review

    posted by Pascal_Ly

    What you see is pretty much what you get. Useful tools that helped me open up my blackberry without a scratch. Very cool. And for $2ish? How can you really complain? Comes with a variety of tools that you can try to fix your phone.
    Would be nice if this kit came with a Torq screw to make it a complete, complete package.
    Other sites have one of these slider tools for $5 - $10. This... you get a plethora of tools for $2 SHIPPED!!! If you THINK you might need to open up your phone, then don't think about it. Just get these.
  • All-round screwdriver kit - exactly what I need

    posted by Cor3yPL

    It includes very small T2 Torx screwdriver, that alone costs as much as this kit altogether. Very good build quality. Box is made of hard and sturdy plastic - I won't worry about it when I'll throw it to my backpack with other "heavy" tools. I like that all bits rise to vertical position when you open the box - very easy to pick the right bit. Main screwdriver is well made and holds very good in hand. Bit holder is magnetized, so there is no worry about bits falling out of screwdriver. Extension is also magnetized. Kit is very small and compact.
    With 38 parts included you will find every precision bit that you will need for mobile phones, tablets and other devices.
    I was recommended to buy this kit and I'm glad I did. It has all bits that I'm using and it is well made. Box has a good construction - you don't have to worry that your bits will fly all over the place. For this price I couldn't have wanted more.
  • Quite okay, but not extraordinary

    posted by Sim87

    The set comes in a nice box with a spring mechanism, that lift the lid and raises the bits vertically (not shown on the video).Contains the very small PH000 bit plus some of the rare torx sizes and small flat slot sizes.
    The bits feel greasy.The bits are not standard size - a normal bit is too large. A 4 mm hex socket can be used instead.The quality of the bits are said to be stainless, but they can be magnetized, which stainless steel can not. The steel quality seem good enough though.
    Buy it for the large selection of small bit sizes, not for the craftsmanship. Should be cheaper.
  • Handy tool- especially for cellphone

    posted by Multu

    Good build, aluminium body and small enough.Easy to use and change screwdrivers.Has all screwdrivers you can think of while repairing modern cellphones.Has non-slip diamond patterns, very comfortable to hold.The second tip of each screwdriver is there to disable the rotation of the screwdriver realtive to the body.
    A magnetic tip would be a great improvement.
    It's a pretty good set, from what I saw, the price is decent, get the set.
  • Great set of tools but cheap case

    posted by teamjcr

    Great set of tools, has most of the hex keys you would need and almost all the torx you'll need for small electronics. Plenty of bits to choose from and the handle is a nice size, not too small and not too long.
    Wish they had some more SAE size for the hex bits. That would be more useful globally.
    Great for hobbies and taking apart electronics. Have taken apart RC vehicles and cellphones using these bits. Just need better plastic for the case.

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