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precision digital Customers Reviews

  • Grig

    posted by Grig1

    I very much liked this product. The convenient handle for deduction. Automatic illumination of a scale. There are two modes of preservation of the indications. One mode of memory. The indications correspond(meet) to the declared accuracy.
    The given product deserves attention. I think they are the optimum compromise between the price and the quality: buy this if you need something not too expensive.
    Good product for real money. I recommend to buy.
  • Excellent scale

    posted by Fedrik

    It is a great scale for small purposes. I am a coin collector and it´s very useful to weight coins. I am from Argentina and a similar scale here would cost twice this price.
    The precision is very accurate; the built in materials seem of good quality.
    Even the offer says batteries are included they were not. I guess they forgot to include them; who knows. Nothing to worry about.
    Whoever is looking for a scale with these characteristics I recommend to buy it.
  • Small and functional

    posted by psoeting

    After unpacking I was surprised by the contents, a well written manual, 2 batteries and all neatly packed.
    The scale does it's job just fine, no need to calibrate or anything. It's pretty handy with functions like netto weight and multiple types of indications (grams, ounces etc).
    None really, it does what it's supposed to do with easy usage. It's a pretty well built thing really.
    If it's what you need, get it!
  • Great scale!

    posted by c0rrupt

    -Measures accurately
    -Clean and professional looking
    -Overall solid build quality (not expected)
    -Easy automatic calibration
    -Leather pouch is a nice touch
    -Feels good (not too light, not too heavy)
    -Bright blue display
    Accurate and useful scale. Great size and good build quality. Definitely recommended to anyone looking for a cheap scale that works.
  • Just What I Needed. Perfect.

    posted by lightninghog

    Unbeatable price. Worked out of the box. Solid protection cover. Easy to read and follow User Manual pasted inside the cover - where you need it most of the time. Large numerals with backlight for dark environments. 2kg maximum is huge. I have never shipped anything as heavy as that. Four modes with g, oz, gn, and ct means it doesn't matter if you are metric or not.
    Its not a pocket scale but compact enough to carry in your hand or a bag. Create your own 1000g calibration weight using a plastic container and ball bearings. Check it for accuracy at several Post Office self-service machines and at your friendly jeweller.
    Buy it. It's at the sweet spot in terms of price, capacity, and size.

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