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  • Scale

    posted by Hekuz

    -Reasonable price-Compact size-You can measure in many units as grains, carats, grams, ounces..-Exactly, mine came with batteries-wide range to measure, good for bigger jewellery, metals, powders-Blue lit screen, easy to read.
    -The quality and made could be little more solid, but it works for me and this price.-Got my scale calibration messed up when I had it in my pocket. I think the buttons to calibrate got squeeged by me and changed the values and I couldnt re-calibrate it with my 5g weight.
    Useful scale for DIY people. Precise scale comes handy in many situations.
  • ok now have another one !!

    posted by masterwolf

    ok have had the first one for some time now and need a set of digital scale for use on the range so have gone back and gotten another one of these.
    Not at all disappointed - i have new hand loaders using this and able to get it right in only a few moments - really idiot proof and solid enough to survive use at a busy black powder shooting club
    get one - get multiples
  • for 0.01g resolution is this the biggest DX scale

    posted by MaTrek

    great digital scale ...
    all works great ,
    I used it to know how precise is and I saw minimal diferences about 0,05g +/- of our national coins, so the coins were probably used a long time to loss their weight or some new there too....so I think the scale is right.
    buy it to know how much gold you have :))
    This scale is 0,01g resolution for 300G Max ...so till now the best one on DX.
    DX should sell the same kind of digital scales (resolutions like 0,01 or 0,001)but with more Grams of maximum weight, mabye 1kg should be better...
  • Does not measure Grains

    posted by qooasian

    This scale does what its supposed to do. It measures in grams, ounces, ozt, and dwt.
    I load ammo and everything is measured in grains. I wish this had matched its description.The manual it comes with describes this as being model 500, when the description matches model 100 (the one I needed.)Does not come with a calibration weight, so you might have to buy one seperately.
    It's a good scale for other more common measurements.
  • Great deal of Deal Extreme !

    posted by acidmind

    Very good product, very good scale, good precision and good build quality, I recomend. Good precision and have no delay when you are weighting something .
    This is a great scale, very small and simple, and you can put it in any small place to hide, this is very very small, you will like it .
    I recommend you this scale, because I had tryed a lot of scales, and this one is one of the best .

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