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pp box Customers Reviews

  • a good thing to have

    posted by zeidda

    this is a good thing to have. it is useful and has a nice built. Very easy to use - just press the lid and the pill is cut in two. The blade is sharp enough.
    May be it would be a good idea to think about a way of cutting bigger pills and having spare blades. I have no idea what to do when this blades runs off
    If you need to to cut pills for you or a relative it is a very good thing to have this box.It is easy to use, it is small and does not take a lot of space and it is a good built.
  • Great product, already ordered 10 of them. DX keep making these !!

    posted by Ghossler

    These boxes are so handy and very good quality. Easy to use and nice slot on it. Not the biggest box out there.. but its transparant, rigid, and the box size makes it pretty good to use cause its very long.
    For me i like ordering things and have boxes of different sizes. But these boxes are not too small and not too big, they are perfect! Though i already bought like 10 of these... the price is a bit high.. if it was longer i would have bought 100 of these already!
    If you need a good rigid box, buy these and you wont regret it!
  • The best you'll find

    posted by vetmode

    * Easily detachable* Big enough to fit even the biggest pills* Easy to open* Lids are transparent so you can view inside* The color doesn't fade or bleach* Closes perfectly each time
    These are really the best, I bought two kinds of pill boxes and I favor this one a lot more. It is very well made.
    I can suggest these to anyone. Great for daily use and especially if you're going on a trip, just detach as many as you need and you're on your way.
  • Great box, just like the other ones of these series

    posted by Ghossler

    Really neat and good quality box. Nice lock on it and transparent. Feels very good and rigid, so i have a feeling it will last pretty long!
    Its a nice small box if you need it to put small things in it. Super useful and i think i bought like 3 of them already
    Great box, nothing much to say about it, just buy it

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