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You will be surprised our best power up with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. With your support, we can do better.

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  • A good converter with good parameters.

    posted by Belsysnet

    The device is good at laptop powerful loading (> 50 watts). Heating is negligible. Efficiency as declared. The minimum input voltage was lower. Device to run with 9,6 V, but with low efficiency.
    Solid capacitors, probably would have been better, and slightly increased the cost of the device.
    The unit deals with the task. With proper cooling, can work on the stated power (150 watts). I would recommend using it on a constant load up to 100 watts.
  • Needs more current than anticipated

    posted by Frijs

    It does a great job of adjusting the input to any desired output voltage.Fine design, so it could be build into any project.Good build quality
    There is no description of the requirements, like input current / voltage. Perhaps I would not have bought this solution otherwise.I think this device can do a great job when provided with a steady power supply.
    Not a great solution for solar power conversion.A great solution to build an adjustable power supply.
  • powerbooster with CURRENT CONTROLL

    posted by lasermanathome

    This SKU delivers exactly that what other of these kind of voltageboosters do not have, currentcontroll!!So you don't have to use ballastresistors or other currentlimiting measures.Leds do have the habit to alter their resistance when they are in conducting state (like fluorescentbulbs but less dramatical)So this booster can drive powerleds without other components when cooling is OK!!
    Can be used to build massive ampifiers for carsAlso suitable for RC when higher voltages are used.When used 3 pieces parallel (with diodes) you can even feed an electric bike with one traction battery (12/24 VDC) USE an antiparraleldiode for the motor!!
    For inventors this is a very handy component with much (hidden) potential.
  • power booster dc-dc 12 V in 13=34.43V out

    posted by lasermanathome

    one of the finest boosters I know, I have used several of these for different applications.It works fine as fast start-help for cars with empty batteries, in that case I have a 12V 17AH gel-lead battery , connected to this booster and make 14.4 VDC (the voltage the generator of the car itselve delivers) and within a few minutes , the car starts without troubles.Because is is very cold here these days, below minus 8 centigrades, the weak batteries have too less power to start the car, the combination of the 17AH gelbattery and this booster gives just what the weak battery needs to help it out of its "hibernation" and this combination works far better than the use of only the 12 V 17AH gelbattery, because the few Volts extra forces the carbattery to wake up and do his job.Also this booster is very uasble for 20-100W powerleds wich need 30-35VDC out of 12 VThe 100 Watt Led turns the night to day and can be supplied by the car battery.
    A very smal case made of aluminum can protect and cool the booster, correctly build in, the case has not to be connected to earth, if desired.A CC(current controll/limiter) would be fine, a fuse does not protect the booster, so a temperature shut off would also be handy.Within its parameters this booster works very good but take controll of the drawn current, when used for higher voltage and a lot of Amps, this booster works perfect untill it is killed by the produced heat
    A very nice booster wich needs some extra attention and protection, it works untill it blows up,no limiters against mans stupdities are build in as far as my experience reach.So take precautions yourselve otherwise you can buy a new one (like I did).TThis unit is -like most switched powersupplies-difficult and expensive to repair, better buy a new one and if you -like me- do a lot of experiments take some of these in stock.

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