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These cool power table are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

power table Customers Reviews

  • Works well for display case

    posted by dx007

    No batteries needed. It doesn't look too cheap. Solar panels on 4 sides to get power from difference direction/source.
    It's working well in my display case rotating some Swarovski crystals. I turn on the overhead halogen lamps and voila my crystals rotates and sparklers.
    Cheap price compare to alternatives. Works well, looks pretty good. I am ordering a couple more.No longer have to worry about leaving battery in my other rotating display and having a leaky mess.
  • Interesting display.

    posted by jorgecponto

    It's well build, light and has the convenience of no batteries needed to perfectly work. It comes in a small box and don't need extra instructions to work perfectly.
    If you like action figures a great acquisition.
    Amazing display, it's a new way to show all your action figures, vases and other small stuffs.
  • Good acquisition

    posted by lucasherculano

    Flexible Neck
    Very light
    You'll be able to carry it everywhere you need
    Solar clean energy and a USb port in case you need it
    It's feed through USB and Solar energy....nowadays, there's nothing better than those 2 interfaces :)
    Very good. I recommend it. If you need it to enlight your reading files, your desk and somethign like this - I mean it : It's perfect for you.
  • Helps alot

    posted by Gorbush

    Helps to power several devices.My Phone is choosey - it doesnt charges if current is lower then 1A - this item has two of them with 1A out - so it suites it well.I have plugged my car-cam in the second slot, my wife's phone into the third and have one more as backup.
    Very good quality - i didn't expect such a good plastic and cover.
    It costs more than i spent!It replaced my previous purchase of car splitter.
  • Interesting!

    posted by bylrarzeitnt

    It's an interesting product, it doesn't need batteries to operate, and there are 4 panels where it can maximize its use of sunlight.
    Interesting thing I found out: if you hold the platform so it stops, and then let go after 2 seconds, the platform will rotate the other way around. =P
    I would recommend the product. Stop thinking about it (or hesitating, rather). Buy it now! o(^^)o

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