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power supply module

You will be surprised our best power supply module with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Try browsing laptop power supply, regulated power supply. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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power supply module Customers Reviews

  • Very good size

    posted by rebelfw

    The size is very good, small enought to fit inside the walls electrical boxes.Do the job its supposed to do.
    Should have been identificated the AC and DC side.It have a + and - in one side, that identificates the DC side, but I think for novice users, it could be tricky.
    I used it to power a wireless relay and it works pretty well. You better not put this near your bed though. The noise will annoys you.
  • Variable voltageboost from 12v to 35v.

    posted by qwwwizx

    - Size, a very small package- Mount feets- Easy to equip - Very easy to use- Looks as good quality work- Very cheep
    I bought this to be able to variable boost voltage going to 12 non-pwm computer fans and to test if it can provide enough power to supply some smaller peltier elements. So far I have tested the voltage going smoothly from 12v to 35v, and a 3000 rpm scythe 120x38mm fan. My god a fan like that can eject some air when voltage goes up.
    Better than I expected. Looks a lot bigger on the picture on DX.com than it really is. I am very satisfied.
  • small dc-dc converter

    posted by nuralist

    The device was bought for powering Cree xml diode to limit current. The device have Voltage and Current regulation. My diode takes 3 ampers of current so I had to use little radiator with a thermal grease on the LM microchip, without it temperature was more than 100 C and LM chip protection had tripped. After i've used heat sink everythink became OK)
    informative specification
    good deal
  • good module

    posted by myNextGen

    I bought several of these because they are far superior to using a normal LM317 linear regulator circuit, and they are less expensive in the end anyway. It would cost me more to buy the components to build a 3A linear regulator circuit (2x LM317, capacitors, resistors, potentiometer, protoboard and a heat sinks) than it cost me for one of these buck converters.
    In addition to saving me money, these are so much more efficient and have a more consistent output voltage than a linear regulator. Linear regulators waste so much power just turning it into heat, which can be a real problem because they require bulky heat sinks and even still they can get hot enough to burn your fingers, melt plastic and just simply be a pain in the butt.These buck converters don't heat up at all with a 600mA load, and barely get warm to the touch with a 1500mA load. You'll never have to worry about heat issues with these things. The output voltage is very stable, and DOES NOT DROP AT ALL (seriously) as the load increases.
    I'd recommend this product!!
  • A good converter with good parameters.

    posted by Belsysnet

    The device is good at laptop powerful loading (> 50 watts). Heating is negligible. Efficiency as declared. The minimum input voltage was lower. Device to run with 9,6 V, but with low efficiency.
    Solid capacitors, probably would have been better, and slightly increased the cost of the device.
    The unit deals with the task. With proper cooling, can work on the stated power (150 watts). I would recommend using it on a constant load up to 100 watts.

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