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power splitter splitter Customers Reviews

  • The multiplication of power ports ;)

    posted by theunf

    Upgraded my PC power suppy and reached to 12 SATA HDs using two of these 1-to-3 internal power supply cables and six ide-sata like power conversors (http://www.dx.com/p/ide-to-sata-splitter-power-cable-80050).
    Upgraded my PC power suppy and reached to 12 SATA HDs using two of these 1-to-3 internal power supply cables and six ide-sata like power conversors (http://www.dx.com/p/ide-to-sata-splitter-power-cable-80050).
    Sure i´ll suggest this to anyone i know!
  • Cleans up nicely

    posted by BScott

    I bought this little power splitter after adding a new camera to my survailence system though it is only a slight saving in cost when compared to a small 12 volt transformer I would have needed to power the camera, it does save me from increasing the size of the extention cord blok to add another power unit as well as an extra cord neeing to be run up to the HDD recorder that I use to save the details of anything the cameras detect.
    I wish they made the splitter 4X so I could use one single splitter to power all the cameras from a sinle power source.
    The plugs are the same size as the ones attached to the video signal and power cords e.g. SKU 19814. It plugs into your power supply and splits it to provide power to two cameras. Do make sure the 12 volt power supply has enough amps to run multipal cameras.
  • Cheap and useful cable

    posted by Phydeos

    Cheap, quick delivery and overall ok product for its price.
    Burned out two cables due to heavy load but that was not due to poor quality rather than pushing way to much power through them. On normal load the cables behaves just as they should and I must stress that there is as far as I can tell no problems related to the use of this cables over any other.
    Have yet to find any other place that sell this cable in the same pricerange as DX that includes shipping.
  • Great value for money

    posted by carbonx

    Easy to install, working without issues in my off-road buggy so hard vibrations are not an issue.I plugged the multimedia system, internal led light and a small ventilator and they all work together without issues.
    I would buy another one if this one breaks.The fact that all the cables connected from the back and all the control is done from the other end contribute to clean, wire free environment.
    Good buy, doing it's work.I like the lights switching from red to blue when used.
  • Pretty solid material

    posted by HansSm

    Pretty solid material.Wide clip for more contact.Fits well, very convenient.Only black, but very sturdy.
    10A must be posible.Wide clip for more contact.Fits well, very convenient.Very useful if you want to connect more devices. Also, for a refrigerator
    good stuff.For holidays, traveling, for CD / DVD players, bar phone etc.Tried out with a smartfone and it works excellent. Think a mini fridge will work, think it really can handle 10 Amps. Have not tried any heavy stuff, but I'm sure.

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