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power splitter splitter Customers Reviews

  • Universal powerboard with Australia plug

    posted by coolmg

    Brilliant powerboard that takes pretty much any plug (just be sure your appliances are rated for 240 volts if using it in Australia or use a converter with it) Saves me having to use adapters with (most commonly US) appliances. individual power switches and light indicators on each plug
    build quality is good - and have had no problems with it - also has a reset button.
    great value for 5 universal ports - if have a number of overseas plugs well worth it than using adapter plugs. Great buy!
  • Great!

    posted by globulejoul

    Now that SATA is the norm, molex are useless, yet still on many power supplies. So what do you do once you're out of SATA power cables on your PSU? You buy molex to SATA converter! It works just great, you may not need one molex to two SATA but hey, for that price, why not?! You never know!
    Could be a bit cheaper, yet still a lot cheaper than what we can found elsewhere. If you use a lot of HDD or whatever using SATA power, buy some, one day you'll use them!
    Usefull until molex is gone for good.
  • Works great

    posted by probability

    It fits perfectly in the cigarette lighter (doesn't come out like other cheap stuff). I also tested the USB port and it also works good.It's very cheap, in a store this would cost you so much money. I would defenitly recommend this to everybody !It even looks good.
    For this price, I wouldn't think. Just buy it. My niece already bought it too, and for her it works also very good.
    Buy this ! It's so nice to have ! You can use 3 things at the same time, and nowadays that can be very usefull like using your cellphone and gps at the same time for example

    posted by HENRYHUANG

    This is THE ONLY HDMI Splitter that works. I have spent more than $100+ for three other HDMI Splitters that don't work.Complete waste of my money until now. Its really plug and play and works immediately after connecting.
    Value for money and could not think of anything else that can work better.
    I recommend this to anyone looking for a one to two splitter. I learnt that higher price does not necessary mean it works. I have even purchase HDMI to component and back to HDMI and the quality suffers.
  • The product works exactly as described. Plug & Play

    posted by Beznos

    I plugged the splitter to our TV cable company's set-top box and have saved purchasing additional converter. You can see two televisions simultaneously the same image quality and HD 1080i. The device switches automatically from the moment that you connected the cables everything works.
    Will buy it again
    Good quality metal box, has LED indication of when a connection is established. Easy to use remote control does not need as it works automatically.


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