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Every single power socket displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from 2 socket power, diy power socket. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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power socket Customers Reviews

  • Good product and cheap

    posted by gorjonr

    It is a good product, in my apinion the best inverter in all DX because is the most power, and you mast remember you can't use two smaller inverter in paralel.
    Es un buen producto, en mi opinion la mejor opcion como inversor en DX ya que no se puden comprar dos inversores pequeños y usarlos en paralelo, con que hay que comprar el mas potente para que no se quede pequeño
    The price es fantastic. In Internet it cost 150$ or more.
    El precio es fantastico. En internet cuesta 150$ o más.
    It's power inverter, you must be careful don't finish your batery and don't use the cigarrete conector with high consuption.
    Es un inversor potenen con que hay que tener cuidado con la duración de la bateria y no usar el conector de coche para alto consumos.
  • quite big

    posted by SammyF

    * it works as intended* the fact that it can be bent might be useful
    The size was a given, considering the connections available, but, at least in a Renault Kangoo, it gets in the way when changing gear.You can bend the adapter to have three horizontal sockets, but at least the one I got tends to have a hard time NOT bending. This is really annoying when combined with the slippy sockets out of which some plugs can get out just through the vibrations of the car.
    It's definitely not perfect, but it is cheap and it works.
  • Worked great was glad to see it sold here

    posted by Brianbtb

    I was happy with it. YOu do want to make sure that you follow the instructions that others have posted in other reviews. This will prevent you from messing something up. It works great and have not noticed any issues. My old one was broke from a kid dropping it while it was plugged in so was not very happy. This fixed it.
    Not a lot of other thoughts because it's a plug and it it either works or does not work. The price is good and free shipping makes it even better. You can buy them other places, but if you buy a $1 plug and pay $10 for shipping that really is not cool.
    Price is good. Make sure to follow instructions or watch videos on installing it before you take apart your PSP. Watch how old one comes out as well. You can't really do too much damage replacing it with the new plug. If you plug is broken you you need to do something about it so paying a company to fix it for $60 no way!
  • one of the essential thing in my car

    posted by Goverla

    1) two DC sockets and two USB ports2) price is nice3) a construction (ability to rotate)4) availability a indicator light5) design and compactness device
    All optimally and necessary in one adapter, nothing to add.Very useful availability USB ports, as it greatly extends the use of the device and allows you to connect other devices(phones).
    Solved the problem with electrical power for the GPS-Navigator and DVR in my car. And I can still connect to other devices via USB ports.
  • Handy converter to AU sockets

    posted by AussieSoco01

    Small, easy to use and a great way to convert your 2 prong plugs to the AU style. Will work with flat or round 2 prong (non earthed) plugs.
    Over time these may get a little loose and cause the original plug to fall out slightly.
    These are cheap and very handy to have when buying electrical items from overseas and doesn't matter if it comes with an AU plug or not. This will convert any flat or round 2 pin.

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