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  • Almost like original but shorter

    posted by evaldass

    Good enough quality, tip fits thinkpad properly. Had no problems at all.
    It makes convenient to prolong life of original power supply when tip is broken. It's easy enough if you're skilled to crack/open power supply, replace the cable, close and glue it. See google, youtube videos, there are lots of information available. I prefer to use original power supply than buy cheap fire hazardous replicas.
    Found DX cheapest place to buy this cable.
  • Good product, but not what I needed!

    posted by evileyeleen

    Buttons are sturdy and of good quality. They are the correct buttons for the iPhone 4.
    I wanted to repair the power button which seemed to have lost its spring and no longer registered when pressed, but this ended up not being the part that I needed. Turns out I needed this part instead: Power Flex Cable sku 117069
    good quality parts but keep in mind that these are just the button covers and may not be the part you need to fix your issue
  • A great set!

    posted by DimaMaybach

    A great set! Has everything you need! Compact package. Material bit - chrome-vanadium. Must be durable. Although time will tell. a very compact package. all packaged perfectly.
    Value may be lower. Although a high quality set is not too expensive.
    Great set up. Advise! Difficulties in the repair with this set does not arise. Although the price could be lower. But you have to pay for quality! Walked for nearly two months (. Thought lost. But then came a set of bits.
  • Easy-to-use item

    posted by Toxin65

    - rather cheap- handy- separate channel to measure voltage, using internal voltmeter- convenient output cables
    Great item for the price. There's much free space inside the shell, so you may add some features if needed. RF detector works fine.
    I'm glad I have this one in my lab. It does, what it's made for. Especially recommended for beginners.
  • Buy this if your power socket is broken!

    posted by Benneth

    It's easy to apply. (Just take the other one out and put in the new one , no soldering required)
    The build quality is really good.
    It does its job , it replaces your broken power socket.
    You 'll have to follow this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRHDKxnjpUI untill he has removed the brace behind the LCD screen.
    After that you take out the green plate above the socket , together with the button bar.Then you must take the screw out of the old power socket and pull out the the clip.
    Now you can pull the old socket out and put the new one in.
    Finally , put everything back together.
    !!Look carefully at how the guy of the youtube vid removes the braces by pulling the clip up(when you put the brace back push the clip down)!!!
    This is perfect if you need to replace the power socket!
    It's dirt cheap and works perfectly!!!

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