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power repair Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by Denok137

    This work! This is all that is required
    The build quality is really good.
    It does its job , it replaces your broken power socket.
    This is a new PSP power socket cable, another common part to break in the PSP console is the power socket, so these cables are a nice and simple solution for a console that has a broken socket. No soldering is required for install, just open the PSP and un-plug the old cable and replace it with this new one. Good for the repair guys to keep on hand and also good for people that wish to repair their PSP at home. Just remember to be careful when taking the PSP apart to replace the broken power socket, all handheld consoles are delicate and fiddly to take apart and put back together, so don’t be in a rush.
    Everybody who orders it needs to know what does.
    Helped a friend install it.
    It was not difficult!!!
    You should buy this if your psp analog stick is broken. Great price, replacing the nub on the PSP-2000.
  • Good product, but not what I needed!

    posted by evileyeleen

    Buttons are sturdy and of good quality. They are the correct buttons for the iPhone 4.
    I wanted to repair the power button which seemed to have lost its spring and no longer registered when pressed, but this ended up not being the part that I needed. Turns out I needed this part instead: Power Flex Cable sku 117069
    good quality parts but keep in mind that these are just the button covers and may not be the part you need to fix your issue
  • Great replacement!

    posted by DrSaturn

    - Price: these are inexpensive, making a broken NDS work again in as little as fifteen minutes (and some good soldering skills).
    - Quality: These are tough and durable, lasting as long as the stock ones included on the consoles themselves
    It's recommended that you sharpen up your soldering skills before you attempt to replace these. While not as complicated as some other repair jobs, this does require you know how to solder properly and that you have the dexterity to solder small pads.
    Also you'll need the necessary screwdrivers for taking apart an NDS. Check sku.02905
    Great for repairs. Would suggest getting several on them for fixups.
  • Pro'sKit Quality Product

    posted by ASMREX

    I can say that this is a genuine Pro'sKit product. This kit includes all the bits you can imagine and all the bits you may need to use in the future.*The quality is excellent, the bits are hard enough to make your work succeed.
    This kit, may be okay or not depending which type of screws are needed to be unscrewed.
    *I'll recomment this bits kit to anyone looking for a complete set.
  • Fix your switch

    posted by SpacemanSpiff

    Replaces the switch in the DS after you break it trying to replace the housing.
    It is very easy to break this switch. If the plastic cover is not aligned when you close it, the switch will break. To top it off, the switch cover will wiggle back and forth as you move the cover which means that even if you line it up, it can still wiggle over and break your switch and ruin your day.
    Not your basic momentary switch.
    If you are replacing your case, it is a good idea to get this too, just in case. You don't want to break it during the process, then have to wait another couple weeks to get this part.


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