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power port car Customers Reviews

  • Very nice

    posted by HarmlessJohnny5

    - It is metal- It is small- It regulates voltage effectively- It has a 1 amp USB power port- It feels very well made- It takes US and Euro power- It takes 12 V from a car (it is actually rated for 9 - 15 volts, impressive)
    I will use this to power LEDs from wall and from 12v battery backup that the customer already has installed in his house (he's been using a 3 watt incandescent bulb, just pitiful), so I just LOVE the wide voltage range (9-15 volts:)
    If you want a charger for you laptop, get this one it just reeks of quality and although it IS one of the most expensive chargers on DX, it also IS worth every penny (to me anyway:).GET ONE FOOL!!
  • Good product for a good price

    posted by tiec01

    The build quality is really good, its an aluminium casing and i dropped it multiple times. The connection is either with a Cigarette lighter plug or two terminals you can directly put on your battery. The fan makes some noise, but i use it in a 4x4 diesel so i don't hear it when i drive.
    Most ligherplugs are fused on 10 ampere (120W) or 15 ampere (180W). This means that the ouput of the device will never be 300W on that plug. It is not wise to just change the fuse, because the socket and/or the wiring might not be up to the higher wattage. Connect it directly to the battery with the terminal solves the solution. I have the whole electrics redone in my car (2nd battery, more plugs with thicker wiring etc) so for me its no problem.
    Good device, for 25 dollar im really happy with it.
  • Help in many situations

    posted by rcaresia

    The fit is with the car is perfect and works perfectly with flat pins with round pin and three-pin sockets. Usually charge my 220V devices.
    The advantage of this adapter with respect to others is its price compared to what it offers. It is cheap, and fits with most pins (some are not very easy to fit the first time, but after slotted it's easier).
    So that was delivered I have tested, and it worked perfectly. The hitch with the car is easy and it is not loose.
  • Very good replacement or car-PSU for laptop

    posted by Warp3

    Suitable for many branches and types of laptopsCan be used in a car/plane with 12V cigarettelighter-socketCan also be used to charge mobile-phone or power external USB-devices which need extra power from a second USB-cable/socket.It even has a metal casing !
    Does not include big HP-plug !
    Very good product with many possibilities and it's cheap, but not poorly build
  • Just OK

    posted by gdg69

    CheapWorks fine
    I purchased it to charge two devices at the same time and it performs its task quite right. Sometimes the plug tends to come out from the cigarette lighter socket in my car, but another charger does the same, so I guess it is the socket's fault. I just found the sockets a bit too bulky - they take a lot of room. For this reason, I prefer to use a more compact 1-to-3 splitter: I lose the advantage of the individual cables but in my case this is not a problem; if you need some more freedom in positioning your devices, this one is definitely for you.
    A good solution if you need long individual cables, otherwise consider the more compact splitters with 2 to 4 sockets in a single piece.

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