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  • GSM Power Switch

    posted by stojkecar

    Simple, easy setup, SMS control, White list for accepted numbers
    It was easy to setup. I had to bought AC adapter for EURO plug(1EUR). I udes manual to setup allowed numbers than can trigger switch. I use it for reseting Wireless BS on hills so i dont have to go there. I put it behind UPS, and connect all equipment behind it. When somethings stops, I send SMS for turning power OFF and again for ON. Helped me few times so far, and saved me gas money.
    Simple, cheap device for reseting your equipment and saving Your money.
  • 2.5 mm plug?

    posted by Hanabishi

    Works just fine. Easy to plug into power strip because of the "sideways" orientation of the plug.5.1 volt output with 0.080 A load.
    I bought 3 for DIY project. Fortunately I bought some power plug connectors SKU: 148515 or I would have been out of luck.
    Probably fine for security camera, but as DIY power supply, must change connector to use.
  • Pretty good, very similar to Kill-a-watt P4400

    posted by Barkfin

    I bought a Kill-a-watt P4400 on sale from Amazon for $20 + $10 postage, and this one was for $23 + $0 postage, so which one would you say is cheaper?Mine is called the JXD-2013 (not JNX-2000 as shown in the photos). Fundamentally it looks identical to SKU #108141 except it has non-Chinese symbols.It measures voltage, amps, watts, and power factor (Power factor is the ratio of real power to apparent power). The Kill-a-Watt measures frequency, and shows real power as W and apparent power as VA. If the load consists of a heater, which only consumes power and never returns power dynamically to the grid, then apparent power = real power and power factor = 1.0.Both the kill-a-watt and the JXD measure accumulated time and kilowatt hours of the load.The JXD-2013 has a backlight and has a calculator function to measure the cost to date for powering the load. The cost is in Yuan per kilowatt hour, default it is 0.700 Yuan per kWhr, mine is $0.080 per hour, I was able to update that easily.
    This one is not bad, but if you watch you can easily get a kill-a-watt for practically the same price.The device came in a gift box! I guess to the Chinese this would be a pretty good gift, I hear they are stereotypically frugal even as much as the Scottish! Ha ha that is only a joke.One thing this has is an alarm function, if the duty cycle is too long or the power draw too high, it flashes the red light alarm to notify you your refrigerator is konking out.
    Buy the kill-a-watt on sale, it's a better made device.
  • Nice Power Socket

    posted by FredericoRamos

    It is not the best socket I ever seen but It will serve to the proposit It is meant for.
    Did not tested to 10A but looking to the metal structure I think It will be appropriate.
    If you are in a contry like mine (Brazil) where some stupit people changed totaly the standarts for plugs, you will need this for your DIY projects. I like to make some panels to control my stuff and these are handy.
  • Those vertical power sockets are outstanding when it comes to organization

    posted by diobsb

    The pros are the very features of this product:-Universal sockets-On/Off buttons (for a group of 4 sockets)-Vertical power "bar", which allows you to organize your power adapters in a small place, much better than regular flat power bars. It also leaves enough room for those "fat" power adapters, because it's always difficult to find room for 2 power adaptors side by side in a power bar.
    Well, I own one vertical power sockets module like this for a long time, and it's working great. For me, the best part is that it allows you to organize better your plugs/power adaptors, in a smaller space.Behind my tv set, with all those routers, modems, telephone, tv set, videogame, several set-top boxes, I was running out of power bars to deal with that amount of demand, and even worse, each 5 sockets power bar would fit maybe only 3 power adaptors, because apparently they weren't thought to be smart. But this product gives you not only universal sockets (despite they do not fit all plug standards, like the newly launched brazilian stanrdard), but also enough room to organize your power adaptors.But take care, don't use those kind of equipments wrecklessly, because you can end up overloading your house's electricla network, causing short-circuit, and all of these can lead to overheating and fire, or at least causing damage to your electrical devices.
    It's an excellent build, and its disposal optimizes the use of its sockets. It's a great product.


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