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  • Works (somewhat)

    posted by tgerrie

    Great handy little tool will tell me if any power rails are completly missing on a PSU
    Would be nice if it would check within certain tolerances, But for the price of this item I cannot complain.
    For the price I paid this is a fantastic addition to my toolkit. Can tell you if any rails are completly dead, But if you think the voltage is out you need to use a multimeter.
    Its also handy to power on a workshop PSU so I can use molex to power devices externally.
  • Do the job!

    posted by Alexandrefh

    Robust and clean design!
    They came very well packed... The package itself suffered a lot during the dispatch time, but the speakers didn´t suffered any scratch.
    At general: It works adequately, sound quality is quite good, but I would expect a louder sound for the speakers at maximum level knob! This sensation came out also regarding the size ot the speakers. and their weight...The overall perception is that the price is a little bit high regarding the overall performance.
  • Check 'em carefully

    posted by DrKlahn

    Simple to use.
    Wiggle and pull all wires to check crimp quality. Extract connector pins where necessary and solder in any loose wires. Rechecking continuity with a DVM afterward is a good idea. Thin wires handling significant current with iffy connections can cause overheating, burned parts or fire.
    No problems if you're tech savvy. If not, and you must have something that works, no questions, out of the box -- look elsewhere.
  • Good

    posted by RRantz

    It´s a cheap product. In my country, Sellers usually charges more than three times this price.
    It´s reliable.
    It's easy to use and doesn't need any manual.
    When I bought my computer, It came with a EU plug. So I will adapt it to Brazilian new plug and use it as a backup. Although I'm still using it.
    Great product. I think it's purpose was easily achieved.
  • Good price cable

    posted by phonicmentor

    This cable works perfect with AC 3 pin conections, it is EU adapter and fits perfect at home, maybe its a bit smaller than original EU cables but its worth the buy. I use it for my laptop charger and have no problems at all. Highly Recommend.
    Buy an extension if you find its short, look for them on here or buy a longer one (i think theres a few here). You can also go to your hardware store and buy one of these babys if you need urgently.
    You have the time to wait and want to spend as little as possible i recommend this cable for adapters that use 3pin connectios.
    This is a EU Adapter worth buying!!

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