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power monitor Customers Reviews

  • Works as designed!

    posted by xNeoeNx

    PriceNight Display (Backlit)Displays :WattVoltageHertzAnd other things I am not sure about
    This is a good purchase and is working.
    As cheesy as this is going to sound.... Ever wondered how much power was being utilized by your computer AFTER you shut it down? Well mine does about 4W. And thats exactly what this product tells you. I have measure almost everything in my house. The Computer, TV, Monitor, PS3. Was shocked to see that the PS3 uses close to 200W of electricity. Another shock was that my PC (i7 920, 24GB mem, 1TB HDD) use 150W during normal usage. Overall this is a good product, only issue was that damn connector at the end, had to use a universal plug to make it work. Other than that it is worth the price I paid for!
  • Display in Chinese - Difficult to read

    posted by fedefoieri

    Nice packaging. Made with nice plastic quality. The display has a backlight that can be turn on/off as user wants. Seems to be accurate (1%).I must said that is the cheapest multimeter that measures the power factor.
    Dont buy it unless you are full of time to know what are you measuring, prefer to spend a little more money but avoiding this headache.
    Dont spend you money.
  • Static Remover and Demagnetizer

    posted by ssrtt

    Never intended to use it for degaussing CRT TVs, but for demagetizing and removing static.Works like a charm for my CDs, Lps cables, tubes for my sound rig.Its simple to use: plug in and start zapping. 10secs on each side of the CDs/Lps and its done. Can never listen to unzapped CDs/LPs once you have heard the difference. Makes playback of recorded music sound alive, musical and surreal!
    Electromagnetic wave could be harmful?
    Do justice to your music collection by zapping them, esp LPs! DO NOT USE ON YOUR Cassettes! And remove your watch! Happy zapping!
  • Very useful device

    posted by ckovoor

    Compact device, easy to use. Good build quality and reasonable price.
    I tested the accuracy by comparing the readings with what I got using an AC clamp meter and an AC voltmeter and found excellent agreement.
    Excellent device if you need to quickly gauge the power consumption on a particular household outlet.
  • Not for LCD monitors

    posted by hamletDK

    Price is good - of coure only if it actually works for a acceptable period of time!!
    I believe it does not deliver according to specifications!WHAT KIND OF REVIEW WILL NEED MORE THAN 500 CARACTEERS TO BE A GOOD REVIEW?
    Do not buy!.... if it can not work for a year something is wrong! and even the pro about the price is gone!


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