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power module Customers Reviews

  • A pleasant surprise

    posted by VladanM

    Very well made, housing, LED, lens and wiring all appear high quality.Bright, even and nice color light. As close to daylight color temperature as I've seen on a LED.Haven't tested, but have no reason to doubt it's waterproof.Runs just lukewarm. Should last a very long time.
    Could be cheaper, but can't complain much because it's really well made.
    Surprisingly high quality for DX. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts a long time and withstands the elements well.
  • good product

    posted by fnflores

    good quality product, great luminosity (please take care, do not see LED directly), easy to use, it is applicable for any Arduino LED project, it comes with a standard packing.
    Recommended for high luminosity LED projects (I did a Christmas light for home), also to test any Arduino library works fine!
    Use it! it is fun and really easy to use!
  • the best I find till now

    posted by lghivizzani

    low price standard sized breadboard power module, good quality components, quite small footprint. You can place it in such a way to leave a lot o free space on the breadboard, even if the module itself may may lean to much out, or you can easily place it inner and safer, at your wishes. You can feed it with 5Volts by any USB ports or with any 6-12Volts power supply. Standard USB B type socket is welcome, so you can use standard printer cables
    none, so far
    I still remain happy with my choice: good price, good quality, right connectors
  • MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module

    posted by oozihemp

    Great power supply! -Comes with 2 individual channels, that can be set to different voltages.-Comes with a ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator.-Works with a bunch of power input options, surch as USB, 6V AA battery pack, 9V battery, 8.4V Li-Ion Battery pack.-Pretty decent Regulated 3.3V and 5V line, with just 2% of voltage drop.-Nice current output, 630mA usint a Li-Ion battery pack-Easy jump system to set the voltage or to turn the channel off-Easy to work with
    Its a great and well built power supply for small projects that needs a regulated power supply, works well with arduino or just powering normal DIY electronic project.
    It is a must buy product!
  • Get 5 volts from four AA batteries.

    posted by LynnCochran

    I want to power an Arduino in a robot car from four AA batteries. When the batteries age, their combined voltage will drop from 6.3 volts to about 4V, so I need a DC-to-DC converter that can both step-down and step-up to get the desired 5 V output. This DC-DC converter can do that job! I tested my unit and measured about 58% efficiency for a 5V, 110 mA output over an input voltage range from 6.5V down to 4V. Nothing got noticeably warm.
    I accidentally shorted the output during testing (don't measure output voltage with a current meter ;), and the converter stopped working. However, after about a minute, it went back to working. Apparently the thermal shutdown in the IC had saved the day.
    This should work fine in my application. This DC-DC converter uses a SEPIC design (see Wikipedia), so it only needs one IC (an LM2587). I bought a second type of DC-DC converter just in case this one didn't work out (SKU 228941); it also works, with a slightly lower efficiency and bigger board area.


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