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  • not enough power

    posted by PKastl

    It´s a nice little module and emmidiatly ready to use.
    It offers really high voltages but the module is not able to bring the promised power.And it´s not possible to limit the current. no matter how you trimm the pot, its giving any current it likes
    all in one it is a nice little module if you don't wait too much of it.
  • Superb Micro amplifier

    posted by skinnybloke

    This is the most aamassing amplifier i have purchased so far from DX !Its not the most powerful, but its so Tiny ! The output you can achive from this far exceeds expectation ! The sound quality is fantastic, low and high level, and a very low noise floor for a digital amp that has no output filter, i will be purchasing more !
    This will be sooo good for Rasberry pi user, how cool would a tiny 5 volt sub+sat system be ?
    If you need a tiny high performance amp with mini subwoofer, look no further :DI love this little amp bored x
  • Good value for money breadboard power supply

    posted by roelkw

    The power supply fits perfectly in a breadboard (after straighthning of the pins that were somewhat bent). As there is a set of power connectors on both sides of the board, there is a possibility to use 5V on one side and 3.3V on the other side. The output voltage is selected using jumpers and is very stable. Furthermore, there are additional pins on the board that can be used with jumper wires if this board is not used on a breadboard.The on/off switch and led indicator are useful.
    The board could benefit from a more modern USB-connection, preferably a micro-USB connection.
    Very useful 3.3V/5V power supply for breadboard projects. Excellent value for money.
  • MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module

    posted by oozihemp

    Great power supply! -Comes with 2 individual channels, that can be set to different voltages.-Comes with a ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator.-Works with a bunch of power input options, surch as USB, 6V AA battery pack, 9V battery, 8.4V Li-Ion Battery pack.-Pretty decent Regulated 3.3V and 5V line, with just 2% of voltage drop.-Nice current output, 630mA usint a Li-Ion battery pack-Easy jump system to set the voltage or to turn the channel off-Easy to work with
    Its a great and well built power supply for small projects that needs a regulated power supply, works well with arduino or just powering normal DIY electronic project.
    It is a must buy product!
  • Faulty regulators

    posted by arcomri

    For the working one:- simple to use 3,3V regulator- more than enough power capability for most of your projects- breadboard friendly
    Received 5 of them in a nice antistatic bag but pinned down on a piece of styrofoam (!). End result: 4 out of 5 were dead on arrival (output voltage was the same as the input voltage). Maybe it would be a good idea to reconsider the packaging method :-)
    Simple and useful little 3,3V regulator for on-the-fly projects. Handy to have around.

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