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power module board Customers Reviews

  • good level indicator

    posted by mlksa

    It's a tiny PCB with separate input pin. You can show both AC and DC levels because there is a jumper that adds a short circuit to an electrolytic capacitor on input pin. The KA2284 IC has a built-in amplifier and rectifier, so you can make an audio level indicator as well as power voltage indicator with the same PCB design.
    Probably leds should be soldered on back side of the PCB. Otherwise you can't mount the PCB behind the front panel of the device you use it for.
    Good indicator, inexpensive and small size.
  • Very handy for projects

    posted by alepg

    It is very easy to use. You can select 5V or 3.3V on one rail with the switch, and the other rail is always 5V. Very useful in projects that need both voltage levels. A red LED indicates it is on. Mine is exactly like the one in the photo, and occupies very little space (only takes one row of the breadboard). Fits the breadboard well.
    You will need a mini USB cable (not micro) or a DC jack. I checked both output voltages and were very accurate. Be careful not to connect both USB and DC cables, and when using the USB cable make sure the device where the supply is plugged in can deliver enough current.
    I recommend this item. Its very small, easy to use, ideal for small electronics projects.
  • MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module

    posted by oozihemp

    Great power supply! -Comes with 2 individual channels, that can be set to different voltages.-Comes with a ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator.-Works with a bunch of power input options, surch as USB, 6V AA battery pack, 9V battery, 8.4V Li-Ion Battery pack.-Pretty decent Regulated 3.3V and 5V line, with just 2% of voltage drop.-Nice current output, 630mA usint a Li-Ion battery pack-Easy jump system to set the voltage or to turn the channel off-Easy to work with
    Its a great and well built power supply for small projects that needs a regulated power supply, works well with arduino or just powering normal DIY electronic project.
    It is a must buy product!
  • Perfect breadboard powersupply

    posted by tnvd

    The board has two modes of power input. Through USB and through a DC barrel socket. There is a green LED to indicate the presence of power, and a latching switch to control the power to the board.Input voltage to be between 6.5~12V, or USB powered (5V). If you wish to use it to it's maximum capability you will need to remain in that range. This is a non-adjustable power supply model and the output voltages are fixed to 5V and 3.3V which is good enough for most applications. The maximum output current is stated as 700mA.Jumper pins are used for selecting the voltage levels to the breadboard.. You can choose between 5V, Off, and 3.3. There are two sets of jumper selectors for each side of the breadboard power rails. Hence you can have any combination of voltages on either rail. There are also header pins for tapping off voltages, through a cable or jumper wires.
    The MOST used breadboard powersupply.Get one !
    Excellent powersupply.The circuit itself is based on a pair of AMS1117 voltage regulators by Advanced Monolithic Systems. One is used for creating a 3.3V rail whilst the other for creating the 5V rail. These are actually quite a good make of components to be found in a SOT-223 package. Their datasheet states that this series can provide a maximum output current of 1A. The absolute maximum voltage rating is 15V at the input. Obviously you should not use these levels as this is the component rating.
  • a basic powered mp3 player

    posted by hansn

    The module automatically starts playing and repeating all songs. A small delay between songs, no clicks.
    The middle button works as pause, it starts/stops current song. When you hold longer than 1 second it will switch to another mode. Presumable using the line input. The nex/prev buttons now work as volume+/-. This mode is untested. A bit strange because the potmeter regulates the volume too. There is a on/of switch integrated in this potmeter.On the back there is a mute function without a connector. You will need a soldering iron for this.The LED is on when in pause, blinking when playing. When starting up this LED is blinking more quickly for about a second. Then it starts playing. Sound quality untested, with a 5 cm speaker the amp chip gets a bit warmer, I estimate about 30 degrees Celsius.
    a basic powered mp3 player. Works fine.


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