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power hub 7 Customers Reviews

  • Nice product

    posted by harroxelas

    Worked perfectly with all my raspberry pi peripherals (wifi dongle, wifi keyboard, usb hdd, bluetooth dongle, etc.). I even used it to power my raspberry pi, it booted but the voltage between TP1-TP2 was around 4.65 V, not enough for safe operation.
    The ports are tight, I even had some difficulty inserting some usb plugs. I guess it's a good thing, since these ports tend to become kinda loose.The power source is rated at 4 A, which is good enough. I plugged 7 devices and my raspberry pi was able to use them all.
    Pricy but it's a nice product that solved my problem.
  • Great USB HUB with power adaptor

    posted by rklauco

    Lots of connectorsPowered - therefore multiple power-hungry devices can be operated at the same timeWorks under Linux and Windows (no drivers required, of course)Works even without the external power - just not with that many power-hungry devices
    Great product - can't believe the price tag on this one. Any comparable product locally costs 3 times more and still is just 4-port. I bought 10-port hub locally, it costed exactly 10 times more.
  • Useful usb hub - but not for powering devices

    posted by bambalero

    The good things about the device:- Small size- 7 hubs, 2 on the back, 5 on front- Goes to AC power for charging devices (but---see the cons)- A little stand for vertical placement- All hubs are detected on my MacBook Pro computer, transfer speed seems to be good.
    Since a Mac Book Pro only has two hubs (and one is already having the mouse dongle) a purchase of a hub was a no brainer. I am still happy with this hub, because it can accommodate all my devices and i do not have to disconnect all of them every time I move my Mac around.
    Buy it, it is a great hub, but, if you are looking to power your devices then look for other solution. If you are like me just wanting to have more hubs on your Mac - go for it.
  • Makes me want to Dance!

    posted by Marcel88

    For someone with many USB devices that need to be plugged in always (printer, wireless mouse/keyboard, bamboo tablet, cooling fan pads, etc) this product is for you. Also, the blinking lights make me feel like I'm at the disco and sometimes I dance spontaneously (a pro for this product)
    I've mounted mine on the wall of my desk behind my laptop and it provides some nice visual light effects at night.
    A useful USB port, visual display and dance stimulator. You can't go wrong.
  • Holy cow LED is bright

    posted by daxlerod

    AC Adapter availableAC Adapter is optionalLED is bright enough to light up your whole housePorts on the top are well separated
    When the USB Hub is switched on, it has a blue LED that could be seen from space. I'll have to paint over it. It has a switch so you can turn it off, it that is at all useful to you.
    If you need a USB Hub that is self-powered (With AC Adapter) this one will work. If you don't want to use the AC adapter, it will still work.


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