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power hub 7 Customers Reviews

  • Works well, power point is not for US

    posted by mdoneil

    Inexpensive and works. Infants like the 8 leds (they also like to pull out the cables) The adapter is round prongs, but I had a bunch of old power adpters around so I used a 9v 800 mA and it seems to work fine (ships with a 5v 1000mA) there are also some plug convertors around the house that I'll use as soon as I find one.
    I suppose there is some way to request a type A power supply.
    It is inexpensive and it works great.
  • Nice USB-Hub

    posted by doofy112

    + Very small+ light-weight+ looks fine on your desk. I'm using it with a keyboard, mouse and two external HDD (selfpowered)no malfunction with this configurationSpeed is really good, nothing to criticise
    The poweradapter looks a little bit powerless, but i don't have tested it, because the adapter doesen't fit in germany
    I've used it only USB-powered, because the power-adapter is not fitting in germany
  • Ports shut off intermittently

    posted by joedds

    Easy to use
    Good build quality
    Decent USB 2.0 speed at a low cost
    Having the USB ports not maintain their connection is a pain. Sometimes it disconnects only one or two devices and sometimes it is the whole hub.
    Next time, will try a similar hub (#678) which is more expensive, but has very good reviews.
  • Nice product

    posted by harroxelas

    Worked perfectly with all my raspberry pi peripherals (wifi dongle, wifi keyboard, usb hdd, bluetooth dongle, etc.). I even used it to power my raspberry pi, it booted but the voltage between TP1-TP2 was around 4.65 V, not enough for safe operation.
    The ports are tight, I even had some difficulty inserting some usb plugs. I guess it's a good thing, since these ports tend to become kinda loose.The power source is rated at 4 A, which is good enough. I plugged 7 devices and my raspberry pi was able to use them all.
    Pricy but it's a nice product that solved my problem.
  • Very good product

    posted by ggentile

    Very small, good looking and really easy to use! It doesn't take any space on your desk at all and works with Windows and Linux. I didn't try on Mac yet but I'm doing it soon.
    Just plug the USB cable to your desktop or laptop, the AC Power Supply to any regular outlet and you're done!
    To me, it is really a must have! No more bending over to seek for a free USB port!

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