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power extension cable

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power extension cable Customers Reviews

  • Solved my problem

    posted by CarlosLint

    - Somewhat cheap- Impossible to find at local shops here- The cable is not terribly thin- It's 24 pins (20 pins would be useless)- It's sure that 30cm will fit and exceed your need.
    I would pay the same for a shorter length cord, as long as the cable is at least the same thickness of this.
    My problem was that my motherboard had its ATX connector way too far from the power supply, so it was solved.But had I wanted to take the power supply out of the cabinet for any reason I would be unable due to the lack of ATX4 and ATX6 extensions.
  • cable of good quality

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Cape of good quality, made of material resistant thick cable, do not lose the signal quality, superior to mount the cables, essential in your security system. Connect your cameras to the DVR with the cable of good quality.
    Cabo de ótima qualidade, feito em material resistente cabo grosso, não perde a qualidade do sinal, qualidade superior à cabos para montar, indispensável em seu sistema de segurança. Ligue suas cameras ao DVR com esse cabo de ótima qualidade.
    Looking for a great quality cable for your system, closed circuit TV? Buy this product!!
  • Great value for the money

    posted by fgiraldi

    - Is what is says it is, a 20-PIN ATX extension cable- Good/Great build quality. Cables have normal thickness (18 AWG I guess, but it is only a supposition)- Real 33cm long- Shipped in time
    Very usefull for use with regular PSUs when they are used into cery tall PC cases (i.e. Sentey BlackBox cases, full-tower cases with bottom position for PSU). Not all PSUs include very large cables (even those made by the recognized brands), so if you have cable length issues, this extension should do the work
    A must have for this times when long cables are not abundant
  • very good

    posted by [email protected]

    The connectors are shielded with hard rubber and are well protected, is a cable for cameras with audio and video in great quality. His connections and connectors are good quality and do not lose your image quality due to the distance of 30 meters, its price is good compared to cables sold in Brazil.
    For the image to be perfect you need a good quality camera and a high resolution monitor, the image does not lose quality due to distance.
    Want to install a camera away and not want to lose the image quality? Buy this product!
  • Great RCA Extension cable!

    posted by Illyusha

    -Cheap price-Great long length
    I used this as a RCA extension cable to along with SKU: 26777 which is a RCA female to female adaptor. Now I can have my stereo where I want and still have lots of cable to length to play with!
    Great for the price! Just by SKU: 26777 with it and you have yourself a good long length stereo (not mono) RCA extension cable for your stereo system.

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