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  • It works well and description appears accurate.

    posted by kelvinang

    Useful size and form factor. Provided suction cups help in attaching the panel to windows inside the car, or on the inside of the window of the house (as how I had used it). I leave mine permanently attached to a used 12V car battery (without a solar charge controller) and it always keep it well-charged without overcharging it.
    I suspect this panel does not have a built-in blocking diode that prevents the panel from drawing power from the battery when the sun goes down, but I can't verify that as it doesn't bother me too much.
    Useful and decent quality panel, albeit a little bit expensive.
  • looks good

    posted by sumyca

    Its cheap so I guess you get what you payed for ...looks good , works good and its very easy to use
    Its OK, I bought 2 different ones but they look the same . both of them don't get as warm as I imagined but I guess I will make them as a gift .
    I would recomend this product if you want to make a gift for someone who is spending a lot of time in front of the computer .
  • For Every-Day Use

    posted by emredm

    After I bought 2 pieces & they are delivered, I have been using it almost all the time! Espacially when it comes to coffee mugs, in a small period of time, they get cold. But with this practical USB warmer plate, it lasts longer...
    If you need your coffee hot for a longer time, it just works. But after a while, coffee will get colder, so you won't have all the day to finish it...
    Keeps coffee warmer for a longer time than usual but not for a very long time...
  • Nice gadget

    posted by jankoval

    You can warm your drink whilst having easy access to additional USB ports. There are two indicators, so you also have a visual check whether the surface is hot or not.
    It could be a little bit warmer when in use.
    If you always forget to finish your tea or coffee, and you need a couple of extra ports just in front of you, this gadget is just right for you.
  • Nice thing for my diesel car battery

    posted by matolegin2

    I bought two pcs and connected paralelly together through diodes. So I have in load 14 V but 16 W. Together with 10 A regulator is connected to car battery. Auto battery is charged every day when is sunny but little also when is cloudy. I have always fresh battery and starting is no more problem. More watts = more strong battery and best conditions for starting car. Be aware and use proper connections and fuses. Panels are mounted on front window (always) i must not do anything, charging is automated and in night the charger will stop and automatically disconnect battery.

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