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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase power cord here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

power cord Customers Reviews

  • handy

    posted by MetalPhreak

    If you have powersupply in the bottom of your case, or the mobo connector is in an odd spot, this saves you replacing your PSU.Extend your cable for easy routing or hide the cable away.
    P4 connector wouldn't reach the socket in my mediapc case. This saved me spending heaps more on a new PSU.
    Does exactly what you think it does.
  • Very nice rubber. Very strong.

    posted by noeldiego

    It's strong rubber we're talking about here, right? Man, this is an outstanding cable organizer. It's strong and this system of wrap around and pass it inside to hold is so simple and so useful. You can even hold a few cables like in the photo i posted.
    It's really strong rubber. It holds whatever you want wherever you want. I bought it only to see how it was and am already an adept of the style. Really liked it.
    Cable organizers fan? BUY IT. Looking for something to tie some cabled you have? BUY IT.
  • Worth the buying

    posted by edufbr

    The power supply is well constructed with quality material. Comes complete with power cord and works perfectly.It is also cheaper than Microsoft original.
    The power cord that accompanies the product has an US standard plug (two flats), so you may need an adapter to use it.
    This item is worth buying if you're looking for a replacement power supply.
  • The perfect problem solver

    posted by sm6xsg

    This power/sata cord is a good value for money. It seems to be well built and has a good fitting into the sockets. It combines the usual power cord and sata cord into one connector, wich makes it a bit less messy by the harddrive. The other good thing is that it also works as an adapter between the old 4-pin powersupply connector and the new sata power connector.
    This is a good value for money problem solver when you want to connect another haddrive into your computer. It is well built and should do it's job excellent.
  • Just what I needed.

    posted by shusting

    - Rated for 3A - plenty of available power for any laptop out there (Ever heard of any 360W or 720W laptops? Don't think so :P)- Nice compact wire and plug. Compared to the cable it replaced (10A with a larger plug head), it's great for portability.
    - Combine this with one of the adapters on DX and you've got yourself a cheap replacement for your laptop's power supply, or even just a cheap second adapter or backup.
    - Get this if you're buying a power adapter here, as it probably doesn't come with the AC cable.

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