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power converter module Customers Reviews

  • powerbooster with CURRENT CONTROLL

    posted by lasermanathome

    This SKU delivers exactly that what other of these kind of voltageboosters do not have, currentcontroll!!So you don't have to use ballastresistors or other currentlimiting measures.Leds do have the habit to alter their resistance when they are in conducting state (like fluorescentbulbs but less dramatical)So this booster can drive powerleds without other components when cooling is OK!!
    Can be used to build massive ampifiers for carsAlso suitable for RC when higher voltages are used.When used 3 pieces parallel (with diodes) you can even feed an electric bike with one traction battery (12/24 VDC) USE an antiparraleldiode for the motor!!
    For inventors this is a very handy component with much (hidden) potential.
  • Very good device

    posted by bitsnapper

    The converter is very easy to use after having understoof the dip switches. It offers good efficiency and doesn't get very hot at loads of about 1.5 amps.
    If you are familiar with voltage converters, it should be no problem to use it. Just connect a voltage meter to the output and see what happens if you use the dip switches to adjust the output.
    Very useful and reliable for any purpose. I used it for supplying a reduced voltage of 8 V to the red part of a RGB LED chip in combination wit a self made RGBW controller. Works better than a resistor for current control.
  • Get 5 volts from four AA batteries.

    posted by LynnCochran

    I want to power an Arduino in a robot car from four AA batteries. When the batteries age, their combined voltage will drop from 6.3 volts to about 4V, so I need a DC-to-DC converter that can both step-down and step-up to get the desired 5 V output. This DC-DC converter can do that job! I tested my unit and measured about 58% efficiency for a 5V, 110 mA output over an input voltage range from 6.5V down to 4V. Nothing got noticeably warm.
    I accidentally shorted the output during testing (don't measure output voltage with a current meter ;), and the converter stopped working. However, after about a minute, it went back to working. Apparently the thermal shutdown in the IC had saved the day.
    This should work fine in my application. This DC-DC converter uses a SEPIC design (see Wikipedia), so it only needs one IC (an LM2587). I bought a second type of DC-DC converter just in case this one didn't work out (SKU 228941); it also works, with a slightly lower efficiency and bigger board area.
  • Good value

    posted by bussemann

    Step up AND step down. Efficient, no heat loss. Indicator light when working.Screw terminals in and out, good markings +/-Accompanying spacer nuts and bolts makes installing in metal encasement a breeze. Good build quality.
    I have used this to make an emergency USB charger. With this I can connect ANY battery or combination of batteries and get a stable 5V output
    Great for variable input power sources, charge your phone from your bike dynamo, maybe? (rectify first)I have bought several, and they work as advertised
  • Switching Regulator

    posted by Logsplitter

    A simple device, no external components required. Output ripple is very low, as is heat as full output. No heatsink necessary even at continuous full output, (with 15 volts supply voltage).
    The regulators can be combined with steering diodes to increase output current. The ripple does not appear to increase even when combining the output of 3 regulators.
    An excellent stand alone regulator, especially for a USB power source. Have used more than a dozen for automotive cellphone chargers without a single failure

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