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  • Great for driving two 30W LEDS

    posted by rusty1964

    Easy to connect and use.Does not get too warm with generous heatsink fitted.
    This unit, plus two 30W warm white LEDs makes great room lighting, noticeably brighter than equivalent power of compact fluoros, and no two minute wait for the fluoros to reach full brightess. The turn on delay is disconcerting for a few days and then you get used to it and stop having a momentary thought that the lights have failed :-)
  • 100W LED driver module

    posted by Luc6580

    The power supply works perfectly wit the LED module 100W.It is very small:120 x 55x 35 mm.The power module delivers nearly no heat and makes no noise; so it has a good efficienty
    The use of the module is very good with the power LED module 100W; athough this module delivers a light that is to green to use in living surroundigs.To use it outdoor it will be perfectly.The eficienty of the led module is 80 lumen per watt; a good TL light delivers also 80 lumen per watt;when there will be an improvement, this kind of light will be used more in all kind of fixtures.Then there is still the cooling problem of the 100W module: you need a very big cooling sink or forced air, but that gives noises.
    The combination of the 2 modules (power driver and led module) is a great DIY project, but it is difficult to build it in a fixture by cooling problems of the LED module
  • Used to replace 100W halogen in ceiling fan

    posted by AussieArnie

    Works well with 47262, small size, cheap, low heat dissipation - included heatsink appears sufficient.
    Used this driver plus 47262 30W LED to replace a 100W halogen light in a ceiling fan. This particular light is used in a playroom and so dimming was not required. As the driver did not fit within the ceiling fan I housed it in a metal case which was mounted in the roof cavity about the light.
    Simple and straightforward - excellent combination with 47262.
  • Great for DIY lights

    posted by ecotack

    Its sealed so no need to worry about electrocuting yourself on components at mains voltages. Mounting lugs to attach it to your housing.
    I used two of these to under drive twenty 3 watt LEDs in a florescent light housing.It would be nice to have 20w drivers that can drive four 5 watt LEDs or two 10 watt LEDs, so I had less soldering to do.
    Great easy to use driver for twenty 1 watt LEDs (10S2P) or to under drive ten 3 watt LEDs.
  • good cheap led driver

    posted by edmundszalite

    cheap, low heat, good quality of soldering, free space to solder additional resistor for more power.
    wold be nice to have IC connection diagramm for dimming. if any have more information about this driver please let me know.
    i made dimming by adding power MOSFET from computer mainbords CPU regulator so i can change otput power from 2w to 120w with potentiometer or through RC circut so having slow rise and fall of light.
    excellent driver for DIY applications

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