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power cable female Customers Reviews

  • Great value for the money

    posted by fgiraldi

    - Is what is says it is, a 20-PIN ATX extension cable- Good/Great build quality. Cables have normal thickness (18 AWG I guess, but it is only a supposition)- Real 33cm long- Shipped in time
    Very usefull for use with regular PSUs when they are used into cery tall PC cases (i.e. Sentey BlackBox cases, full-tower cases with bottom position for PSU). Not all PSUs include very large cables (even those made by the recognized brands), so if you have cable length issues, this extension should do the work
    A must have for this times when long cables are not abundant
  • perfect fit, good quality

    posted by Diesel4Driver

    perfect fit, good quality
    Shipping took a little bit long time. ;-) This cable-adapter is the perfect solution for the Raspberry! It fits perfectly and it only has a length of 10 centimeter. I also use this adapter for my Android mini tablet - so I only need one power supply at work.
    5.5mm x 2.1mm female to micro USB male
  • Great value for the money

    posted by fgiraldi

    - It's a 24p ATX extensino cable. - 33cm length- good/great build quality- shipped in time- wires thickness is normal. I've seen thinner cables in shrak-net PSUs. These are 18 AWG I guess
    Very usefull when you try to use a regular cable-length PSU inside a very tall PC case (i.e. Sentey BlackBox, full tower cases, bottom position for PSU cases) and your PSU doesn't have very lengthy cables
    A must have in this times when long cables PSUs are not abundant

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