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power bank battery Customers Reviews

  • Usefull external battery

    posted by ngeen88

    Good and simple design, easy to use. Enough capacity to make your mobile phone last longer for several hours (1~3), tested it for only for around one hour and I didn't drain it completely. So for the price your paying for it, it seems to be a perfect match.
    Nope, not really.
    Simple and cheap external power source for your mobile phone. Small enough to fit in your pocket and powerfull enough to last several hours (as far as I know of till now.)
  • battery backup that Works but stick with 3000mAh or less 18560s

    posted by Bonejj

    Small, compact easy to use and change batteries. It works... I got this a while ago and was waiting on all my different types of batteries to show up before giving a full review. This works best with 3000mAh 18650 batteries or less. the 3200mAh ones do not fit into the battery compartment well enough, extremely tight fit. This unit is extremely simple to use and can charge your 18650 batteries as well. I leave 3000mAh battery in it and keep a couple in my bag for when I'm out in case I need to recharge my phone a few times. I get about one full charge with a little left over in my Galaxy S3 with this setup.
    The flashlight addon that comes with the case is pretty handy and comes in use. I keep that in my backpack for those times that I just need a light to be able to get around. I use it more often than I would have thought I would have.
    If you want to keep your devices charged on the go in a small form factor, this is your easiest option. Just keep in mind that this case is not waterproof. It works though, fairly well. Don't expect it to be durable though.
  • Works fine with other cable.

    posted by neofpo

    Small to fit your pocket, has a nice finish, and charges my Galaxy S4 at 0.85A, same speed as original power adapter.
    Nice for day by day use, small to fit your pocket. If you want more juice but not a bigger charger, one option is to carry extra 18650 with SKU 192678. They are easy to change.
    Worth the price, but buy a better cable, such as SKU 288856.
  • Very useful in my trips

    posted by RicardoCarol

    Very portable device, light and smaller. The LED bargraph is a good indication of battery level.
    I've liked the shape and color in black piano. Its very well finished.
    Very useful in my trips. In the airports, I do not have to be closed to the outlets anymore.
  • Does what it says (most of the time)

    posted by gnmrocha

    It's small, light, charges the iphone battery,... Very good to be used in emergencies. If your battery is dying every time and you can find a energy source or forgot the dock, this portable battery is the solution!
    It's very good, but don't expect it to charge your iphone battery 2 times in a row. But I'm happy with it, if you want a portable battery like this, I say to you to choose this one.
    It have two lights: a red one that is on when charging the portable battery; and a blue one that is on when charging a device.

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