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power bank 10000mah

These cool power bank 10000mah are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from universal power bank, power bank 2600mah. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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power bank 10000mah Customers Reviews

  • Good quality solar charger

    posted by vpoldaru

    The build quality is sleek and sturdy (aluminium case)With full charge it charges my Sony Xperia 2,5 times. The charge time could be faster (it slows down in the end) but it does its job. Theres not much sun atm, but the solar panel is working. It probably takes a long time to fully charge it from solar, many many days for sure. Now Im just charging it from my laptop, takes couple of hours.
    Im really happy with the product, its just bit bigger than a phone and you can almost have 3 full charges from it. Recommended.
  • Very good solar charger+power bank

    posted by iDan122

    It can store 10000 mAh which is a lot, enough to charge my iphone around 5-8 times fully.Haven't tested the solar panels yet, but from an regular A/C power network it charges up quite quickly. Gives you 2 USB ports for charging
    Instructions could've been included, but my friend has a similar one so I know how to use it.
    Overall a very good power bank, definitely recommended. If you live in an area with many light hours, this is the perfect alternative to charging traditionally. Especially since you can take your charger with you.
  • Excellent quality for the price

    posted by harsat

    very good quality especially regarding the price. It is solid, 2 amp and 1 amp charger. flashlight is nice, and seems like it can work the flashlight for a week on one charge. batteries are replaceable but they use a very short version of the 18650, thats not so easy to find.
    on the other hand - many aliexpress items need very short 18650 batteries and this product got 5 of them. also - very good for bicycle flashlight - as long as you are not a weight freak and you do not mind the weight....
    very recommended = especially for the price. good for tablets that require 2 amp charge. very happy with purchase.
  • Its pretty cool but pretty slow to charge with

    posted by kuansara

    Its extremely cool to charge wirelessly. This one is ultimate because you can charge the battery of the power bank and than charge your phone any place at home, make some calls and than put it back to charging just next to you. Buid seems robust, finish is medium to high quality. Connects instantly. Turns off when battery is full or no phone is placed above for more than 20 sec. Can charge 3 phones at the same time (1 wireless, 2 usb connections)
    It is also a power bank
    The combination of a Qi charger and a power bank makes it a powerful gadget
  • perfect material, nice looking, does what is says

    posted by kalanyali

    The article has got good quality , build qualty is very good too, the size of the item is a littl bit longer than my Nexus4, so you can carry it to everywhere with you. I can fit to your back pocket. The article has got propper price, with this price you can only buy a small battery maybe....The article turns off automatically when it fully charged. And when you charge your phone, with the end of your charging, it shuts off , too...
    I would recommend The article everyone who needs anything like that. I use it for my Nexus4.
    I`ve charged my Nexus4 almost 3 times with it then I had to recharge the item.

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