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power adapter notebook

The perfect power adapter notebook here to meet all your needs. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. uk power adapter or hp power adapter contains many hot and popular products. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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power adapter notebook Customers Reviews

  • Good value power adapter

    posted by doradus

    Charges up my Vaio laptop just like the original power adapter. Quite cheap.
    Very good value product. A power cord that goes from the power adapter to the wall socket is not included, so remember to buy one (e.g. sku 145009) if you need it!
    Buy it if you need one, you won't regret it!
  • Super useful! Not expensive.

    posted by zeepost

    I repair laptops, DS'ses and other electrics and it's very useful to have a set like this! In combination with a modular power supply (also sold on DX.com) it's even more usefull! Perfect combo!
    It's very complete, haven't found a conn that I needed and that wasn't in this set. Make sure you isolate the power supp well from other electrics before using it with a laptop and be very careful with it, because you might break your laptop even more!
    Cheap and super-useful! Must-buy!
  • a genuine hp laptop charger

    posted by bilal85

    i bought this charger for less than half price for any kind of charger i can get here!very well built! looks genuine! really really looks like the genuine hp charger!plugged it in to my laptop,, works fine!
    it could come with a power cable! but since when buying it,, it clearly doesn't come with one,, we can't complain! we got what we asked for with this purchase :)
    it is a good buy! good to have as spare! and is less than half the price of any other kind of charger!
  • Excellent and cheap, great combination

    posted by Nomadesanfer

    Small and easy to use, if you can plug your laptop at home you can use this car charger. Due to it's small size you can leave it on your car with no issues. Good quality. I have been using this for about 2 months and I found no issues.
    Even when cigarette connector temperature was high in some cases this never affected performance.
    A cheap solution that will expand your laptop usage. I'm thinking on buying another one for my boat.
  • Nice charger with crappy leads.

    posted by AndersPins

    Good and powerful charger with many different voltage settings.Feels sturdy and very solid without the cheap plastic feeling.Paired this with SKU129303 and got a perfect adapter for all my laptop computers.
    Bought this for the cheap price and nothing else. I use it every day and it does what it's supposed to.
    A really good Deal, with a price that's a steal. A super replacement if your adapter dies or maybe to have one extra at hand.A super universal charger paired with SKU129303 and much cheaper than the standard ones.

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