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power adapter dc dc

You'll find the best power adapter dc dc for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. View more by looking at dc 12v power adapter led, ac dc 12v power adapter. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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power adapter dc dc Customers Reviews

  • If you have a car, buy it.

    posted by 1asus

    Very good product
    ?nter very well in the socket of my Peugeot 405.
    ?aintain a good voltage about 5 volts at current 0,5 A.
    Very good workmanship, looks like expensive chargers are available in my country.
    ?ot yet.
    Very good product, but no fit in some cars socket like Peugeot 306 (1997 year) .
    I hope the manufacturer to solve this problem with new products.
  • Stable power source for DIY projects

    posted by isty

    Stable output, good construction, very low heating.
    I am using it for driving 25 addressable leds where the output of the source need to be quite stable and it works like a charm. The overall heating is very good ( the LEDs are running for several hours and the source is nearly heating at all ). The output is sometimes +/- max 0.4V, but that is a normal behaviour for sources
    For such a really great price I truly recommend this power source
  • Usefull but not looking 'cool'

    posted by PA5UL

    Plug 'n play, just plug it into lighter socket and have three sockets AND a USB socket available instantly. Unit can bend over so the leads can be led away sideways too. I was pleasantly surprised nu leads come undone whilst driving on a bumpy road.
    Not for you if you insist on good looks.
    Good quality-for/money ratio.
  • nice little thing to have in the house

    posted by Ayooo

    nice solid little product if you want to use 12v products on the go.we have a protable refrigerator for the car and has a 12v input, and when we travel long distances and stopping at motels, its great to have this and be able to keep the food refrigerated all the time.
    well it just a practical thing to have depending on teh needs and use for the person buying it.
    recommend it to people/families who need a portable refrigerator and are on the move for long distances
  • Fun to have

    posted by obucinac

    All-in-one and works-out-of-the-box package (strip, controller, remote, power adapter). There is not many packages like this.Controller & remote with a lot of options.Very bright.Vivid colors.Additional power supply connector provided, probably for connecting to a battery source.
    72W of LED light is A LOT. Depending on a space where You want to use it, or the way You mount it, You may end up with too much light if you do not carefully estimate you needs. E.g. my room of 5,4 x 3,5 x 2,5 meters (LxWxH) appears to be large enough for this light power, for a warm and friendly atmosphere.
    I will buy another one.

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