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  • Very good portable charger

    posted by vento90

    Good looking Simple to use Four-bar working battery fuel gauge Moderate efficiency of 68% if phone charged to full, better if charged partitially. Very sturdy. Compact size compared to other 2x18650 housings.
    I own several portable batteries and this is clearly the best. This can't fit protected batteries, but this shouldn't be an issue since it has overcharge and overdischarge protection built-in. I'm using SKU: 180030 Panasonic batteries which stores the highest capacity of real 3,4Ah in 18650 casing.
    This little thing can store a lot of energy in small size with quality batteries.
  • good cell phone accessory -- great value

    posted by FastFreddy

    good battery capacity, good build quality, simple design, uses a standard 18650 battery, appears to be pretty durable
    I modified the lid so the case will be easier to open. I used a Dremel Moto-tool to grind small notches in the lid so a prying tool can be easily inserted to open the lid. It would be nice if the device was designed so the battery could be more easily removed.
    A very useful device to carry if you anticipate a rough day of cell phone use. I have many things (mostly flashlights) that use 18650 batteries so I like the idea of having this external battery using a standard battery.
  • Works well with my Motorola.

    posted by WOZdods

    Light, compatible with other cables, works with all the phones I have tested it with (including motorola, samsung and sony).
    I have bought about as many as 5 chargers and each had som tipe of incompatibility issue. One of them wouldn't work at all, the other would leave the device sort of crazy, inoperable during charge, most of them just didn't work right. This one is working fine since it's arrival and I'm going to buy some extra to keep in case of losing another charger.
    The only one fully compatible charger I've found so far.
  • Nice charger

    posted by kawikam

    When plugged into a duplex wall outlet, sticks out sideways so that it doesn't block the other outlet at all. Two USB ports let you charge two phones at once, or just use one for 2A if you're charging a tablet.
    Pale blue light on the front of the unit lets you know when it's plugged in. The light is not too bright, which is good so it won't keep you up at night.
    A really nice charger.
  • Great

    posted by svetlichny

    Well made, small, good for phone charging and as charger for 18650 batteries, I use protected cells (need some handwork)
    To fit protected cells: 1) cut off spiral lead approx on the half. 2) flatten other lead.To use as charger: carve one wall of box with a knife, to easy hook cover with a nail.
    After ten minutes of handwork I can use it as charger for phone and charge 18650 cells for flashlight.I use with Ultrafire 18650 3600mAh protected cells.

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