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portable usb Customers Reviews

  • Great buy! It's a TEAC

    posted by Simonetti2010

    First of all, it's a TEAC drive, which is great. It is very well built, finishing is excellent, silent, doesn't require a separate power supply. I bought this drive to use on a motherboard that doesn't feature a floppy connector and it worked right out of the box. Pure, easy and simple Plug & Play: it can be connected either before starting the PC or after the OS has loaded. Either way it is recognized and no drivers are needed.It worked with both Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows XP (32-bit): no drivers were needed. The fact that it is a TEAC drive plays an important role here: compatibility. I also was recognized by Windows XP's F6 driver installation as a regular floppy. It is also very thin (about 30-40% thinner than a regular floppy) and looks great!
    There should be an adapter that would allow me to put this drive in an internal bay and use one of the motherboard's internal USB connector.Even in the days of cheap flash drives, a floppy is still very useful.
    I am very glad with it: it looks good, it works very well.For those with newer motherboards that don't have a built-in floppy connector but still require the feature, I highly recommend this drive.It is also recommended for those who are support staff having to deal with machines with no or broken floppy drives, and often on the road.
  • Good.

    posted by darebo789

    Good against mechanical shock. I installed the hard drive Toshiba 2.5 "and the dimensions are correct, there is no air in between and no strange sounds. Only thing I have a small complaint and refers to the USB 3.0 cable that is too thick, but these are all.
    Otherwise, I protect the hard drive with the Bit Locker in Windows 8, and I am very satisfied. Everything works quickly and correctly. It would be nice if the kit got a small screwdriver, but it is easy to obtain.Recommendation.
  • Fine dock

    posted by ljerabek

    Sometimes it's great to have dock.Really usefull solution.Comes with useful stuff to fit in your phone.Low price.
    Maybe would be better if it would be possible to make it like a stand
    I'm not sure if I won't sell it in my country. I've thought it will be more usefull. But we will see, maybe my new phone will fit better than Cubot A6589S.
  • Seems to be what I searched for.

    posted by JFrisk

    Seems to be what I searched for. I havent used it very much yet but it does at least charge my phone at OK speed even in partially cloudy afternoon weather (16PM daylight saving time, Sweden, some days after summer solstice)I charged my galaxy s3 2% in about 25 minutes. The delivery was quite fast to Sweden this time, 28 days, I still waiting for things ordered 2, almost 3 months earlier.
    I thougt there was a protection foil at each sheet, but there was nowhere to grab, seems like it should be removed before the sewing. I was at least possible to remove it, and afterwards I'm pretty shore about it should be removed, but there's still remains in the corners that are hard to get rid of.When I tested now about 1-1,5h before sunset and cloudy weather it, as I thought, didn't start charging the cellphone at all. The capacity is probably OK, but it's not that much extra margin.
    I bought this for longer hiking trips, to have something to charge power banks, I think it will do the job, either in back of the backpack or in front of the kayak. It's smaller than I thought, about one A5 page, folded.
  • good little speaker

    posted by lulul100

    this is a great little speaker. It has it all including FM. the radio is good, and it isi very powerful. once you open it the bass response it very good. once you put and SD card in it with music you can take it anywhere outside in the car or if you go camping or at the beach. great little device
    it distorts a little bit at maximum, but you can actually have a party at that volume
    all in all is a great little device. it's amazing how much technology advanced by just looking at this little device...there are some minuses but all in all is a great device!

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