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portable usb mp3 music speaker

Buy a portable usb mp3 music speaker from DX.com! It's your best choice. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Customers can also browse usb rechargeable portable mp3 music speaker or portable mp3 music speaker fm to find their desired products. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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portable usb mp3 music speaker Customers Reviews

  • Good MP3 speaker

    posted by josilr

    Great sound for a small sized equipment, is nice and don´t look cheeper, have a grate desing.It´s compact, and easy to carry with you, to take a bath, or when you cooking, i use it in my work to listen music , because is easy to hide.Memorise the last song listen and start there the next time you start.
    Can came in a better package but for that price you can´t pretend to much.
    Very nice if you want a small and portable mp3 speaker, it sounds great, but you cant pretend to much, i recomend a dc to usb conector to use it pluged to the line and extend the battery life.
  • It's pretty good.

    posted by AxlEm

    + It can play MP3s from the SD-card, that's a huge plus!
    + It remembers the song you where on when you turned it off, once you turn it on it will start from that song.
    + It got a "LED-flashlight-button" you can use if there's a power failure or something. :)
    + It's small, it can fit everywhere. I got mine in a plastic bag on the side of the bathtub. ;)
    + It's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of the buttons.
    Good, pretty cheap, small radio that can play MP3s from a SD-card. If that's what you need then buy it.
  • nice player with some flaws

    posted by doom007

    * loudness is perfect for its size
    - sound quality is good - you cannot expect some hifi from speakers of this size, but in my opinion, listening to this speaker will not offend ears of average listener
    * you can play while charging
    * after shutdown, player remembers song it played last time (but not exact position in the song, it will start from its beginning)
    * nice remote control
    * equalizer which really works and changes sound
    I bought it to my car, I did not want normal car audio system so I bought this small player. I think, this will be perfect solution for music in car for me
    If you will use SD card, it will look outside of player. it is not hidden.
    nice small toy with good sound quality and handy remote control. if you want to insert SD card and play, you can buy this toy
  • Good

    posted by MD2044

    small size, the speaker is fairly powerful, design, cute, small packaging, good catches a signal (even without the antenna), built-in rechargeable battery,
    I don't know why did they put the LED in left side, it's no use of it.I would like to bring one side of the radio would be only for the inputs and outputs, and on the other side - if already put a light LED flashlight at least 5 pieces to snap in the dark, and so that was also a switch for a flashlight rather than a button that constantly need to keep presed.
    It's good to use in outdoor. Well suited as a gift.
  • Outstanding product

    posted by marianofsoler

    - Works great with any pendrive.- Very good sound- Simple: Just play music, loud and clear.- Nice gadget- The gadget is very comfort to carry out.- Nice tuner receiving.- Has a led lintern..
    Very good choice. The gadget is ideal to hear music at the kitchen, the bathroom and all places where any other equipment is too big or too uncomfortable... Very nice sound: You can listen at the garden without problems
    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice gadget... The blue one is the adorable small box

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