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  • User shoukd know how this microscope works

    posted by drrk24

    - software is easy to install and simple to work with- no complex operation or functions- easyly set into operation (when understood how it works)- satisfying picture quality
    How it works (simplified):the optical system is figured by 2 planes - sensor on one end / object on the other - and a lens in between.The picture of the object is by this reproduced on the sensor surface. The ratio of the 2 distances to the lens define the magnification.However, for a sharp picture the distance between both ends is not constant ! It varies with the ratio. By this you get two fix-focuses for the same total distance (w/ vice versa position of the lens). Between both, total distance must be shorter, which is inside the device. So you get a low and a high magnification !
    For me it's worth the price !
  • Cool gadget for the geek

    posted by DrIng

    Easy to use, just plug and click the red button to start.Amazing pictures, I've calculated the minimum size which you can see and it's about 1,20 micrometers. You can take pictures easily and record video. The LEDs help very much at the moment of taking pictures. I use it for viewing details at electronics circuit boards which it's hard to do when you solder SMD.
    The price it's right for what you get, it's not a cellular microscope which you will see nanometers but you still get to see pretty cool stuff at the micrometer scale (you can see stains on hair for example), and it's pretty cool to have it as a picture on your pc. Also is very portable.
    Cool gift for a science loving kid, also for the passionate engineer which loves soldering new electronic boards and see how common things get weird at micrometer scale.
  • Fun and probably eductional

    posted by drboyd

    Easy software install on Windows XP, but I'm jealous because I didn't get the free virus on my disk like everyone else did.focus is adjustable via the thumbwheel. I'm guessing the button is to take a snapshot.Enough LEDs for good illumination.
    Good fun! I'm thinking about getting a bunch for family nextChristmas, except for the Windows 7 install issue noted in another review.
    I've got five bucks that says you look up your nose with it the first time you plug it in!
  • great product loads of fun

    posted by bargainator

    I love it, it is much more powerful than I expected. The inbuilt lights work well and it has a dimmer that allows adjustment of the light which is helpful. The arm is sturdy and the base is heavily weighted for stability. It can be used without the base and arm as a standalone unit which is in my opinion and added benefit, it enables you to look at samples or things that would be impossible to inspect with a conventional microscope.
  • Works, cheap, fun

    posted by gjbloom

    It's cheap and it works straight out of the box. The free-standing form makes it possible to peer into places you couldn't get a traditional bench-top microscope. The built-in LED illumination is very convenient.
    I compared the magnification and resolution I get using this microscope against what is possible using the macro zoom of my Panasonic Lumix TS2 camera. The macro zoom of the TS2 provides almost the same magnification, at much better resolution and color. Of course, it costs about 10x as much as this USB microscope. And you can't stick it in your mouth to get pictures of your fillings like you can with the microscope.
    Fun toy that might come in handy some time. You might as well get one.


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