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You'll find the best portable stainless steel for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. People who browse portable stainless steel also browse stainless steel cups and stainless steel pot. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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portable stainless steel Customers Reviews

  • Nice and solid manicure set

    posted by RuneBulk

    I gave this to my girlfriend and she likes it a lot.
    I belive it is good quality.
    I have not tried it myself so i cant go down in detail.
    A good and handy personal care beauty manicure set.
    If you need this, dont hesitate to buy it.
    Overall i am very pleased with this item.
    Price could have been lower, but still,
    if you need it its not very expencive.
  • Good product.

    posted by papbal

    It is a quite fast thermometer. The mesuring part is waterproof. It has also a wire which is long enough to mesure inside of a compost or grain pile. You can use in the kitchen as a meat thermometer, but you must know it is not owenproof, so you can not place in the hot owen.
    Really useful thing it works as an out thermometer also, you can use in the kitchen and its good for farmers too.
    Smart buy i think.
  • no coment...its OK

    posted by vaidessorinradu

    Is a good price for the product shown in photo slideshow.The package arrived after almost a month, is well packed and contains no traces of violence. .
    lack of finish and painting over lead to a tool just for decoration were to me an idea for the future ...
    no coment....I was expecting something better quality ...however if you finish them properly they will look great hope even without paint ...
  • nice design

    posted by bokuden

    i bought this Portable 6-in-1 Stainless Steel Manicure Personal Beauty Sets w/ PU Leather about a year ago and im still using it to this day. the one thing i really like about this little kit, is the design on the outside of it. besides that, its just like any other manicure personal beauty set.
    really, i only bought this because i wanted a personal one, separate from the family, and it had a good design on the outside, which was the selling point for me.
    worth it! the $5 spent on this, is probably either cheaper or on par with most of other items similar to this
  • works greate for wood

    posted by krisking

    its easy to take whit you, more compackt then a big saw, and works just as well.the rings are greate handles, and your hands dont slip off.
    i think i have to get a little more uset to saw in a straight line whit it, but it is a great tool.its mutch more safe then a big saw, and its harder to cut youself whit
    if you offen go out and need brantches, then it is better then bringing a big saw.

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