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portable power battery Customers Reviews

  • Good Battery Pack

    posted by sabert

    -can charge a nook color from 0- 100 and a cell phone and there is still a little juice left too. small and fits in the palm of your hand. -dimensions are 3inches long, 2 wide, and 1 thick-simple to use -price, cheapest external battery over 6000 mah -
    -if it took less time to charge it would be amazing-the charging adapter is for the U.S
    buy it, its the cheapest 8800 mah battery pack I've seen around
  • It worth it

    posted by Joshuaaa93

    High capacity (4-5 charges of my Galaxy Nexus)Good price/quality relationUSB output (you can use any cable)
    It delivers 0,7A. My phone's official charger delivers 1A, but it charges well (just a bit slower, comparing statistics of my phone)I think that it wont work well tablets, because they need 2A (but I haven´t tried it)
    I'm very happy with this. Amazing price.
  • Excellent quality for the price

    posted by harsat

    very good quality especially regarding the price. It is solid, 2 amp and 1 amp charger. flashlight is nice, and seems like it can work the flashlight for a week on one charge. batteries are replaceable but they use a very short version of the 18650, thats not so easy to find.
    on the other hand - many aliexpress items need very short 18650 batteries and this product got 5 of them. also - very good for bicycle flashlight - as long as you are not a weight freak and you do not mind the weight....
    very recommended = especially for the price. good for tablets that require 2 amp charge. very happy with purchase.
  • Does what it says (most of the time)

    posted by gnmrocha

    It's small, light, charges the iphone battery,... Very good to be used in emergencies. If your battery is dying every time and you can find a energy source or forgot the dock, this portable battery is the solution!
    It's very good, but don't expect it to charge your iphone battery 2 times in a row. But I'm happy with it, if you want a portable battery like this, I say to you to choose this one.
    It have two lights: a red one that is on when charging the portable battery; and a blue one that is on when charging a device.
  • perfect choice

    posted by vickychar8

    It is small, easy to carry with. It was already charged when I received it. You know when it is charged when the light turns to blue. It is cheap enough, considering the price of other portable charges. At the local market it costs way more.
    It came with a connection cable, so I didn't had to buy one. You can always have it in your pocket or bag, just in case you run out of battery. Probably works with all mobile phones considering you have the right connection cable.
    It charges the phone quickly enough. You can have it always with you

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