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portable plug Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good!

    posted by CAGroh

    -Very bright and clear image, you really can watch a projection with windows open-Quite Plug and Play, no need to harness with much menu navigation-Comes with a built-in battery that I left charging for 24h before using the unit. This is very good since I plan to use this device for business presentation at my client's premises-Focus is good too
    -The project is quiet, it's fan produces less noise than my ultra-book's-It comes with a small HDMI cable (50cm long) and a tiny tripod, so you don't need to buy one-Focus is good and if you leave the projector on a straight horizontal position you should not notice that trapezoid effect
    -I was able to project very sharp image 10ft (3m) in diagonal on a white wall 15ft (4,5m) away-No rainbow effect, and that's good-Used it to test a digital chalkboard I bought and it was working perfectly well.-The unit is lightweight so it's perfect for carrying on
  • orange not violet wand

    posted by paultech

    Much, much cheaper than some of the violet wands on offer. Comes with a variety of wands in a sturdy box with lashings of foam inside. Each wand has a seperate cut-out in the foam. Unfortunately my comb wand seemed to develop a leak and I was only able to get 1 short run with it.The gass discharge glow is orange and the light intensity is governed by the voltage, controlled by a knob next to the power lead.
    I haven't measured the diameter of the base of the tubes so I donct know if it will take other suppliers wands.
    Cheap intro into the world of violet wands, it may not be the best out there but it would have to have the best price.
  • Great item!

    posted by axlraul

    It's a good item. I think it do the function that I could expect. It's very well built, with high quality finishes and details, and looks a lot resistant.
    Perhaps like the item is, the camera is slightly unprotected. I think the noise problem is a problem that original case has.
    I buy back the item in the future. It has a good price and quality!! And the price is unsurpassable.
  • Functional, solid and light

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Very functional for almost every power point in the world* Very functional for almost every power cord in the world* Compact design* Lightweight, easy to fit in luggage
    For travel, this is a nicely-designed product. Unfortunately, if you are using only one of the three parts, the other remain loose. When you are travelling, this could mean losing track of these parts, rendering the device mostly useless.I did purchase a white one of these last year, and it came with a small cloth bag, which is perfect for keeping these parts.
    Good price, good product, nice design.
  • Simple and cheap wireless solution for your home

    posted by M3potocnik

    Good range and connectivityComes with instructions, but you really don't need any because it's a simple plug'n'play device, plug it in the power socket, plug in the UTP internet cable and you are good to go. Very small, handy and sleek design.Also has a lot of functions as encryption, port-forwarding and such.
    I use it at home to have WiFi in my room. I didn't try the range of the wireless signal because I only need WiFi in one room, but I think it should work fine even if I connected from the other room.
    Worth the price and is a useful device.

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