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These cool portable mouse are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

portable mouse Customers Reviews

  • Nice keyboard

    posted by gabrieleninni

    Nice keyboard, the trackball and the buttons for the mouse function are positioned in a very confortable way. The use is istinctively. Signal range is adeguate.
    The price is a little high for a wireless keyboard, but others with the same functions cost more and are also less nice.
    I'm considering to buy another...
  • Great product for the notebook

    posted by rodrimo

    -I carry this kit everywhere with my notebook, because I have hands on various connectors I need on a daily, before acquiring the product always forget something if it was not the mouse was ear phone.Now, I always have these devices and others available. With USB Hub have the possibility to increase my USB ports, printer connector to have it much easier my life.-We also have this usb extender kit which is very handy, because sometimes I leave my cell loading and extender can tinker with the load cell and at the same time.Besides numerous other options that I have with this kit.
    Great for travel and have next to notebook
  • Good quality but small form factor

    posted by Klas2k

    Good quality, nicely built, and a good concept.Nice looks
    Could maybe work for a child. The concept is however not really thought through, it is hard to use if you tend to switch from mouse to keyboard a lot.Would work as a gaming device IF it would have been larger and have a better button placement in relation to the grip and w´thumbwheel.A nice adition would be a thumb click (i.e. clickable track ball) and some sort of scroll function.
    The basic idea is good, but it is too small. However good build quality.
  • Works perfect

    posted by vea45

    -No driver need, with windows 8 it works perfect-Very slim line, is small and practic.-Mouse is precise enought.-Very usefull for htpc.-Soft keys, the key feeling is good.
    -Except for the need of reseting the receiver sometimes is a good product, and the mouse is precise.
    -A recomended product, a bit expensive, but practical. With an internal rechargeable battery will be perfect.
  • Good mini keyboard / pointer

    posted by jalheiros

    -Compact-Very responsive (the lags are minimal)-The plastic and keys are robust-It's very usefull with android dongles and smartvs.
    It's a nice gadget, isn't "The" definitive solution for remote controlling smartvs (mini droid dongles included), but adds new layers in the interactive experience.
    Deserves a shot :-)


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