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This is our best portable gas stove, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

portable gas stove Customers Reviews

  • Good and cheap gas stove

    posted by zherk

    - It's very small and light, it's easy to carry it in your bag
    - It's cheaper than other branded stoves here in my country (Argentina)
    - I didn't have any problem with the delivery, it came in the expected timing.
    - It have tested it with some wind, and the fire didn't get extinguished.
    - Works very good with propane-butane gas
    - Produces a lot of heat
    - The piezo make easier to turn this on
    Fullfils my requirements, it's just what I need.
    If you need it, buy it. At least for me is good enough to be used.
    I'm not sure about consumption, maybe there others better out there.
  • Great little stove!

    posted by WayneD4441

    Excellent little stove. The burner throws the heat wider so not central hot spot. Goes from wide open to a simmer with no sputtering or relighting of the flame. The tabs hold all the pots that are in my cookset with no fear of slipping. The base makes it very stable even with my largest pot which was 1.5 liters. It's quiet even wide open and makes good use of the gas canisters.
    For the price a very good little stove. Much cheaper than the others I have seen of similar style and a great little back up stove for power outages as well. Nothing makes you feel better when power goes than getting something hot to eat or drink. Or even hot water to wash with.Overall a good solid stable little camp stove for if you are on a budget.
  • Not bad at all

    posted by matveichhg

    Good price for the Ukraine. The design is generally good - it is stable compared to "skrew-on" models. Piezo is also a very good bonus.
    Flame looks the same as on more branded models.
    Fits standart Coleman/ Kovea batteries.
    Funny, on the customs declaration the price was 10,70.
    Not a bad one. A price should ba about $10as ather models.
  • lovely piece of kit

    posted by huxiaoxia

    it's light enough, compact and works well. Compared to a lot of stoves on the market this stands up well it also has a low profile because of the flex hose!and it is good value
    in future, the failure point I can see will be the hose terminations, but I hope that will be a long way away
    if you want a good value compact camping cooker that uses any size of standard thread gas canisters and has a low profile then buy this one
  • A mst have in your backpack!

    posted by rpinkovai

    A great stuff to have in your backpak. I already have buyed one of this but at a much higher price. It is small, requires no matches, have a good protective plastic case and it works very fine.Of course it´s not a MSR but also you are not going to Everest!
    I use this stove under extreme wind an cold and he works very fine with bravery! My buddy have one much bigger but do not face the conditions. The result was that I was the cooking master this time, warming water to make the troop breakfast.
    If you are a backpack hiker like me, buy it. It´s not a trustable stove to have in extreme expeditions but if you are just hikking in the wild is a very useful tool to have.


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