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portable folding Customers Reviews

  • Very nice Fork & Spoon

    posted by NikitaShvinagir

    Looks very nice. Elegant view and very beautiful chinese design makes it a very good present for any girl or woman. They are very good for desserts or coffee or any other kind of meal after the main one. And they are really portable - tiny but usable.
    I would recommend it. It is very good, not expensive and very beautiful.
  • Good

    posted by darsh2004

    Easy to install, not smelly as others items. Build quality is good. You can put on it not only laptop but and drink. Don't drink alcohol and drive :).
    Buy it if you have a car and make a long trip whith notebook and child. This device no offline shops in my country is much much higer.
    I think i'll may be order thois item one more time if price become lower. Otherwise you can buy it now and have a fun in you long trip in the car with family
  • Good for studio

    posted by Aoniken

    Its a very durable and solid tripod. It wont break even if you drop it. Looks like it can hold a lot of wheight. My flash fits perfectly with the adapter on and it can hold an humbrella easy.
    Great adquisition for studio, but not for travel, because it so heavy. Also it doesnt have any carring bag or anything and it doent not fold much.
    Shorter and heavier than i thought
  • Another let down with some good bits

    posted by pss2010

    -Snug fit holds on the head and wont moviedesigned to go running by looksit clips over the ears and the neck braceit of solid build with screws and flexible but rigid plastic that presses the pads on your ears-doesnt hurt the head or ears like some other brands (like the over the head ones, which has slightly too small ear padswhich dont fit over the whole ear)-Excellent Sound-Charges quickly and get 3 hours non stop usefor sure although could be longer as still testing)-Mp3 worked on mine for 3minutes and wasdistorted and choppy and reset didnt helpbut again it died on me and cant seem to getgoing since last recharge. HMMM BUMMA
    this is the 2nd pair of BT headphones to either diein a day or have parts of it no functioningits very costly when you order items that failcos they werent tested.. I suspect the test 1 unitin a 1000 made not every one on the production line so it might be hit and miss if you get a workingpair
    Good build better then other modelsand sound and range and optionaudio cable to use them non wirelesslyshame mp3 player dont work on my pairand FM worked reasonably well when was workingbut again internal antenna it tends to breakup signal although I think the option audio cable can be used to extend the antenna insideusing stereo cable.. just connect a short male to male 3.5mm will do.I will try next to run these down and see ifit will fully reset as the mp reset only does mp3function issues not a full reboot like you get ona android phone
  • Awesome!

    posted by MickLight

    - Seems to be of very good quality.- Does not open easily and is solidly buillt- Folds flat and does not take much space- pretty cheap for the quality you get. Have seen worse for 4x the price
    Can be adjusted in two different angles so you can either put on bigger pans/pots or have your fire better protected against wind etc. Cool.
    If you are into lightweight backpacking, get one of those. Definately worth the money.


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