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portable folding knife Customers Reviews

  • Really nice one

    posted by Achorius

    Small, compact and attractive, it perfectly fulfills its mission. Perfect for everyday use such as opening packages or cutting ropes. The small chain is not very useful, the belt clip is well made and sturdy.
    The little brand "Smith & Wesson Pocket Protector" is nice, even if S & W has never developed this model.
    Really good knife for the price!
  • Highly convenient

    posted by huewish

    I didn't anticipate that this was going to be such a well made knife, but it is. It is incredibly handy, and although I hate carrying a lot of keys, this is a welcomed attachment to my key ring.
    If you receive a lot of packages like I do, you will love this key. It is great for opening mail and packages, and most people always have their keys with them when they check the mail.
    If you don't have one, it's worth buying. Great little gadget that comes in handy more often than you would think.
  • works great

    posted by yossibivas

    Build quality is mostly very good, the plastic is hard and seems sturdy. The set comes in a pretty nice olive green pouch with a MOLLE loop in the back and a velcro closing.Easy to use, simple folding utensils without a locking mechanism. Better than using a spork in my opinion. Light weight
    I'd improve the design a little by making the knife a bit shorter and thicker and add some serration to it. I would like to see the price drop a little because I think this product is worth about 4$.
    for the money, this is a great set. It does the job and has good value. I would definitely prefer this set to the alternatives in the travel shops and I'd recommend to anyone.
  • Very cheap, but not the best

    posted by drTr0jan

    It is extremely cheap, as cheap as it can possibly get, in fact. Has all the useful instruments: knife, can and bottle openers, + and - types screwdrivers. Thanks to a small ring you can use it as a key chain. Very small, easy to carry at all times with you in a bag or even a pocket. Made completely of metal, no plastic parts despite the black stripes.
    If you are looking specifically for a multi-tool knife I advise you get something else. If you are looking for a knife for an occasional use of want a big key-chain - this is for you.Also can be a good gift as it is actually a functional item.
    I satisfied with my purchase. Mostly because of the price.

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