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portable digital Customers Reviews

  • pretty good tripode / muy buen tripode

    posted by KatStone

    super buen tripode, resistente, alto, no tengo que andar agachando, la bolita hace todo mas simple y modificable, es lindo, trae su bolso, tornillos y otros de repuesto, un mini manual y la bolita es grande, por lo que mi canon 600D está segura de cualquier accidente ;) todo genial ;)
    ummm, que el plato se pueda sacar es genial,cosa de que si se rompe se puede comprar otra y listo ;)
  • Very usefull in my hobby

    posted by RCair

    Very good and handy in my hobby - RC air and heli building and flying. Now it's possible to measure, how hot is my model's motors, accu charger etc. right after flight. Proper dimensions to have it hanging around my neck and use it, whenever I need to.
    I've also tried to measure temperature of mine ) I'm still alive according this thermo )))
    I recomend it to anybody who need thermometer for instant no contact measuring
  • Great for self pics

    posted by vmastache

    Great for self pictures!! Just twist, extend and twist in the oposite direction. Perfect for people who travel alone, parties, or any other situation when you want a self portrait. You can even screw another one in the bottom, or maybe you can attach it to a tripod and install your camera taller. Very light weight and fits in a pocket. Comes with a strap for your hand.
    A longer version will be amazing, maybe with one or two other sections. But as I said before, you can attach another one in the bottom. Not sure hoy many of this you can attach together before it bends.
    It's not the must-have accessory for the photography aficionado, but for casual pics at home or with friends it will do the job.
  • Pretty useful equip

    posted by joseluizbh

    I've been using this DB meter at work and at home. Actually the city where I live has rules for noise emissions. There are some db levels specified in the law which can not be overpassed. The db levels varies during the whole day and night. When some process, machinery, animal, person or other noise emitter overpassed those limits I can claim. The same happens at my work place. After 85 dB you are obligated to wear ear plugs. I messure all kinds of noise emissions.
    Easy to use and the price very competitive.
  • Great Product

    posted by Nemiemien

    Small, convenient and very easy to use digital wind speed meter and themometar. Nice protective rubber cover. Delivers information in the the range as described and very fast to. I have used it for six months now and there have been no problems at all.
    Very easy to use and very practical. Lightweight and quality build product.
    Great product. Small and practical. Delivery time was excellent and at my doorstep. Thanks again DX.

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